Election Countdown has begun…General Elections to be called April 3rd, 2012?


FNM delegates and party officers cast their ballots at the party’s election of national officers on Friday, November 6, 2009. (FNM Photo)

Nassau, Bahamas — Word coming into the newsrooms of BP confirms the General Elections could be held in mere 22 months from today. Sources in the FNM confirmed to BP the Prime Minister and Party leader of the Free National Movement, Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham, has begun mobilizing his Party’s machinery for the big day.

“BP the date being discussed in quarters could be shortly after Valentine’s Day in 2012 and the date could possibly be April 3rd, that same year. What we can firm to you, however, is that Party leader has advised all officers to stand ready and that within 18 months from his notice last week the big day will be.”

The statement hushed speculation of an early election as it also failed to confirm the sign as to whether the MP for North Abaco will make another run in 2012. That is yet to be determined.

Last week deputy director for BIS, Sharon Turner, circulated a video by instruction of an election strategist Roy Boyke, who is in town under a consultant contract. Boyke is advising the Party on how to find the right election message. “We are now test our message and will soon have the right them for the BIG DAY!”

Turner in her dual role as Webmaster for the FNM, circulated the video telling all MPs and Senators along with party officers to post its contents on all websites and social online networks operated by them.

No one knows the day or the hour when Hubert will go to battle with his onetime contemporaries in the PLP, however, all we know for certain is this; there will be BLOOD IN THE WATER come Election Day.


  1. So the Govt bring in Boyle to try and counter me?lolo what a big joke as he is paid and am not out of concern for my country.Well bring it on as my ready and already on the move.Democracy is the watchword and even though PAPA has told Christie he has not forgiven him for standing by while he was called a double dipper,I know that the one man band is scared.All Christie has to do from now on is look PAPA in the eye and tell him to bring it on.I now sound a warning to PLP sympathisers of PAPA ,you are either with the PLP or against it.From this coming Tuesday I will begin to expose those who try to eat from both pots.

  2. One day soon we will be rid of all these overseer of the plantation leaders who refuse to empower our people by simply giving them good title to their land. We will be rid of those who continue to dumb us down with their social promotion in schools instead of merit promotion. We will move to a higher level of truly pro Bahamian leadership. I cannot die until this country is led by true Bahamians and not the shams that have led it to date.

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