Employee hacked and diced in Fusion Parking Lot! Police never reported the matter…


Police say they had nothing to report Friday morning…

NASSAU| Woman gets stabbed and chopped up by BOYFRIEND in Parking Lot at Fusion this morning -YET- Police claims they have nothing to report!

Woman gets chop right up and stabbed up outside the IMax Theatre Friday morning and the police reported that same morning and we quote: “We have no incidents to report overnight!” LIES! What in the hell is dis?

Meanwhile today [Sunday] Bahamas Press is reporting homicide #55.

The victim we can confirm is Shawn Whymms age 53-years-old.

He was found dead with multiple cuts to his head following an altercation in the area. His body lay motionless on a carport outside a home on Seabreeze Drive just off Beatrice Ave.

Police are investigating.