EMRH is just a tip of the Iceberg – BP's tent now at North Andros High


512967h6y5l_sl500_aa240_North Andros, Bahamas – Some would’ve thought our episodes, which uncovered the Eight Mile Rock High SEXUAL SLAUGHTER was the end of it all. We have asked before on this blog who is speaking for the people of this country? Bahamas Press cannot keep silent now. Since EMRH School’s revelations, more horrid stories have come to our attention from schools around the islands.

We’ve learned more, much more of what is really going on at school campuses around the country, and we now know what is happening to the innocent in those walls. Therefore one school in the ‘Big Yard’ in particular, has caught our attention. The story is SHOCKING! And the victims are like those at the EIGHT MILE ROCK HIGH, they are Very, VERY young. Members of the community are crying out for JUSTICE! And Bahamas Press will deliver it.

Our series at this complex involves several institutions and personalities that suppose to be establishments of Trust! They’re the Royal Bahamas Police Force, The Defense Force, The Pass Port office and an MP to which our articles will attack. This cannot be happening in the Bahamas. The crimes against the young are unpalatable and will not be accepted by the writers of this blog. We will uncover our SHOCKING details, which will confirm that Sandra Dean-Patterson, nor members of the WUTLESS MEDIA are speaking up for the vulnerable in our society. STAY TUNED FOR THIS SHOCKING SERIES ONLY ON BP…..


  1. God could not have blessed me with better parents. If I went off track, I could tell you it was not there fault, because they did their best. Thinking back on my childhood, I must have been around five or six the most when my mom had just gotten off from work and she called me into her bedroom and sat me on her bed and I remembered my mother pointing out all my body parts that she said no one is suppose to touch. She always told me, if anyone ever touched those parts, I should let her know, even if they told me not to say anything. She said it was very important that I tell her and not to worry about anything they tell me was going to happened if I tell. She told me if it happened, she would always love me and nothing would ever change that. To be honest with you, I did not understand where she was coming from at the time, but I had already made up in my mind if anyone touches it she was going to know. This discussion stayed with me my whole life; I think a lot of parents need to have this conversation with their children. You can’t just born these children and allow them to raise themselves. Your children need a relationship with you and they need to feel comfortable coming to you when something bad has happen to them.

  2. This is atually very unsettling. What kind of teachers are we hiring to teach our kids? It seems as though anything goes in ths regard. How can these things go undetected…and for so long? I think as parents we are failing our children by not providing them with sufficient security. The fact that we cannot discern when something is different or perhaps something is wrong implies that there is some disconnect in our relationships with our children. A child that has been abused or knows someone that has been should feel comfortable telling an adult. We are too trusting with our children. This is very unfortunate and hopefully we can get to the bottom of this.

  3. What is baffling me is how come we just hearing about this. What has happened to our teachers, our parents and our community? This country is on a slippery slope and until we can bring widespread change we are in for a lot of trouble. We need to change our politicians or at least their way of playing politics. It is always about scoring points, but nothing is ever done. Most of them as we saw with the MOE have these very problems in their household, but they only interested in saving their own. Lord sending us a real change agent we desperately need one!

  4. Listening to the Prime Minster comments again confirms how taboo this topic is. Did anyone notice how he was quick to advise how many teachers were presently accused of sexual crimes, but said not a word of the number of students on record being abused by teachers/instructors alone?

    Well here’s a snapshot. At the Eight Mile Rock High School alone, One teacher Andre Birbal molested more than 20 7th graders. Imagine all the others incidents now in the system undetected. Added with those who were caught, can you imagine the number of young persons marred for the rest of their lives?

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  5. Someone please explain to me, because I just can’t understand how can people we are suppose to be able to trust with our children are the ones preying on them? What a bunch of sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, twisted and nasty beast!!!!!! I wish their privates would just drop off and be no further use to them.

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