Enough is Enough! Another Covid out-break in the Maximum Security Prison


Another correctional officer on ventilator battling life as COVID Outbreak hits the Prison once again!

Prison Commissioner Charles Murphy

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is reporting another Covid-19 outbreak in the Maximum Security (Eastern Group and Western Group) at the prisons facility.

Right now most persons don’t know this but a Correctional Officer is fighting for his life in ICU on a ventilator.

Prison Officers believe the Commissioner Charles L. Murphy is one big joke, “Murphy is a joke and the Medical Department are all joking in this serious matter. Right now Sister Strachan and TCN/Principal Officer Mackey who are cherry-picking which officers should go into quarantine. BP these people are playing with people’s lives.”

Covid exposed officers should all be quarantine. We understand several officers, staff and inmates have all been infected with the virus in a single day.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Murphy is in DENIAL! And has failed to give a true assessment of the real numbers affected up at the prison in this latest outbreak.

Under normal sensible leadership a medical team would have already been deployed at the prison to began testing, track and tracing. A support RBDF Security Team should have been deployed to support the national security efforts at the facility. A sensible leadership team would have notified the courts of this serious disruption and the need to engage more remote services 15 months into the pandemic.

We at BP can tell you not one staff or inmate have ever been tested at the prison since the Ministry of Health announced the pandemic began 15 months ago.

We report yinner decide!