Ex-police commits suicide this morning after telling wife he could not take it anymore…


PM Emergency Powers still have negative affects – Bahamians are now killing themselves!

Freddie Smith

NASSAU| As we told yinner in march the affects of the lockdowns will be worst than the virus and if this report says anything this explains it.

An Ex-police officer Freddie Smith was found dead inside his home this morning after committing suicide. The stress of unemployment, curfews and going through incredible problems at home resulted in Smith taking his own life via hanging.

BP reports confirm investigators saw communication where Smith told his wife flatly he could not take it anymore and he was calling it quits.

Thousands of Bahamians have not worked since March and to make matters worst have been denied the right to work through lockdowns and curfews.

Many Bahamians are finding it hard to find food and food security is real! Meanwhile, PM Minnis has advanced a further lockdown through Emergency Powers for the next six months. As we at BP told yinner from March – yinner ain’t never coming out of lockdowns as long as Minnis is PM. Ya laughed at BP advice eh?. WATCH!

We report yinner decide!