Exposure of $100,000 Removed from Teachers’ Pension Fund Raises Concerns


Belinda Wilson - BUT President

Nassau, Bahamas — BP has learnt Secretary of the Bahamas Union of Teachers [BUT], Stephen Mcphee, has been suspended by Belinda Wilson yesterday following a circular to educators on the pure wastage and abuse by her just minutes after taking the oath of office.

BP reported how Wilson approved the removal of  $100,000 from the teachers’ pension money just hours after being sworn into office further crippling the already limited funds of the trade organization.

And this is not the first time the insane Belinda has committed this raid of money. Prior to her dismissal by the AGM, Wilson without approval of the Treasurer and officers removed more than $70,000 of teacher’s pension funds out of the account, and later suggested the funds were used to pay utilities for the office. The money has yet to be returned to the Teachers’ Pension account.

The embattled president narrowly won the presidency last month which is being contested following a slew of irregularities during the September 21st. poll.

Wilson and her opponent Frances Friend both claimed gross irregularities took place, where ballot boxes were unlocked and scores of ballots were not signed or stamped by the department of labour election officials.

Bahamas Press is calling on the minister of labour Dion Foulkes to look into the matter and declare the rigged poll null and void, and remove the CORRUPT officers from his ministry before BP exposes them one by one.

Bahamas Press has learnt director of labour, Harcort Brown, is deeply concerned with the recent poll and wonders what transpired while he was out of town during the election. Information coming to BP suggests two officials in that department are known for election rigging and this experience is no different. BP is looking into the matter.

Meanwhile, Wilson has made claims that McPhee violated the Code of Ethics by disseminating information to the educators. “There is nothing in the Constitution that states that the Secretary General should not advise the members how their money is being spent. Belinda has gone mad and is set to destroy our union this time around. She is wicked and must be stopped,” an educator told BP.

Wilson suspended Mcphee for three months. We are told she has allowed her father to operate his Justice of The Peace business directly out of the teachers’ headquarters.


  1. i recall that all members of the executive team were voted out not just mrs. wilson. we have to be honest, many of the executive team were not doing their jobs and were fighting worst than cats and dogs. now in relation to stephen Mcphee suspension, we all saw it coming i am amazed that people would vote for a man with no professional ethics. He continuously aired our dirty laundry out there for the world to see and its about time that he learnt that what is discussed in a closed meeting should remain there unless authorize by the team and/or president. The $100,000 is accounted for and not missing so lets not make a mountain out of a mole hill.

  2. It is amazing how teachers are supposed to be intelligent. How could they vote for Belinda after agreeing that they had no confidence in her. She was suspected of doing some stuff with their pension before and also the insurance was allowed to lapse, yet they returned her. But what is interesting is she suspended Stephen McPhee for informing the membership of this they should have known. Belinda objected that they should not know anything. Mr. McPhee was suspended for breaching their code of ethics and my good friend who has been respected Mr. Philip Dorset sat there and agreed to this charade. McPhee was also charged of breaching Rule 213 & 214 which does not exist. It is fair to say that this was designed to get Mr. McPhee out of the way to be able to do what she did.

  3. Shame on you Ms Belinda Wilson. I have found you out at last and I am now convinced that you are a crook. You have never listened to me with regards to the teacher who attached me but I will get my justice as soon as you are dismissed and possibly jailed.

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