Father like son – Bowleg is hell-bent on breaking up the Anglican Church



Nassau, BahamasDevelopments unfolding in the Supreme Court involving Archdeacon Etienne Bowleg and the Anglican Church of the Bahamas proves once again how strong the devil sits on the pulpit.

Here’s another story we began to crack last week but decided to let members of the media deliver to you. We are not proud of Bowleg’s actions nor are we willing to accept his brazen defiance against the leadership of the Anglican Church.

It is no wonder the so-calledfather’s” son couldn’t behave in public and was all over the place evading justice, selling dope and shooting at police in highspeed chases. They have no example!

Readers would remember it was Bowleg’s son who March of last year was caught up in a highspeed chase through the streets of the capital. Etienne Jr. a 24 year old resident of Twynam Heights, made the police speed trough the streets where he and other occupants also opened fire on officers. Police stopped the vehicle – a 2003 BLUE Lincoln Navigatorlicense plate #99 (HIS FATHER’S Car) and upon investigating inside they found drugs, two guns and rounds ready to kill someone, INCLUDING POLICE OFFICERS.

It was this same son of Bowleg who also threatened to kill the Archbishop and was overheard saying so in front of hisVICKEDpapa.

A 1937 birth certificate provided to the court proved Archdeacon Bowleg’s age as having reached retirement, yet, he continues to LIE suggesting he is younger than 72. The Diocese confirmed he is 72 and therefore he must retire and turn over all keys of the Church to the Bishop. The fact is he’s two years beyond the mandatory retirement age for Anglican priests. He claims to be 64 although his registered birth certificate proves otherwise. The man is delusional!

BP wonders what lawyer in the Bahamas would represent such a deluded man fighting the Church? It only could be someone from Ingraham’s Chambers, ‘da Devil himself’.

Bahamas Press wonders what manner of man is this who would LIE BOLDLYbefore God, His Church and the LAW OF THE LAND over his age and then come Sunday after Sunday dressed in linen claiming to be THEMAN-OF-GOD and Sub Dean of the Cathedral. What ‘VICKEDNESS‘!

The rector of the Church of the Most Holy Trinity early this week laid an injunction before the court telling the Church he shall not be moved. WHAT IS THIS?

The court will be hearing the matter this week. Justice Jon Isaacs, a committed DECENT Anglican, will preside. But there is more to this.

Bahamas Pressdeep throat’ at the Trinity Complex tell us the Archdeacon is now attempting to sign over control of the parish to a Diocese in the United States and by doing so answer to a new Bishop. Sources in the Church believes, this is the reason for the injunction, which will buy time and allow him to later argue that as rector of the parish he has no case to answer with the local diocese. The battle could set a precedent within the Anglican community, which for years have remained as a unified institution with solid liturgy and structure in The Bahamas. What could this mean for the future of the communion of Anglicanism in the Bahamas if the break-a-way occurs and is allowed to happen? What could the STATE CHURCH look like following such naked defiance?

The rector has cemented himself in madness and is now playing devil’s advocate in breaking up the Diocese of the Bahamas. Here today is a trend too often seen by men possessed with GREED and SELFISHNESS all over the world. They have LOST their passion for souls, witnessing and building up the Kingdom of God! They have waxed cold, iced hard with evil in their old age searching for carnal delights, possessed with lasciviousness! Becoming UNHOLY, UNGODLY, RUDE, UNCHRISTIAN and BLATANTLY WICKED AS THEY CRUSH, MAIM AND PILLAGE GOD’S SOCIAL INSTITUTION FOR LOST MANKIND ON EARTH!

What a bad example Bowleg is displaying for authority. How could little children, teenagers and adults see this and continue to have respect for any kind of authority, when THE MAN OF GOD has none for his superiors?

We cry SHAME on Bowleg! And today we’ve lost ALL respect for him.

We advise Bishop Laish Z. Boyd, who we resoundingly support,  to exercise his powers as Bishop of the Bahamas and immediately suspend the Vestry at The Most Holy Trinity Church in accordance with emblems of power and TRUST handed to him as the 16th Bishop of the Bahamas and titular head of the Diocese.

We ask him to grasp firmly his iron crozier his symbol of pastoral office delivered on Sunday 8th February, 2009, at 4PM in Christ Church Cathedral and physically STRIKE THE DEVIL with it if he must!

We advise him to appoint an interim transition team to assume the daily management of the Church instructing them to force an audit of the books therein. And we support his move to have all locks changed IMMEDIATELY AND SAVE THE PARISH!

An emergency meeting should be held to oversee this transition and BLOCK ANY FURTHER DECISION ON BEHALF OF THE CHURCH TO BE CARRIED OUT BY THE PARISH LOCAL AUTHORITY!

And while the decision to have a rector battles in the court, LET THEDEBOLKNOW WHO IS In-Charge! let him know who the Synod [The Convention of the Church and supreme governing body of the Diocese] left in charge the last time it met.

Now is the time for all members of the Cathedral Chapter to surround their BISHOP in protecting and defending his control over the Church! This is the time for them to guard the Church and its assets with their lives! DEFEND IT TO THE DEATH!

And this is the time for all the prayer worriers to find their knees and together KICK THEDEBOLOUT!

Bowleg should know when you cannot leave in peace and obey the rules one way, God has ways to take ya out Himself!


  1. I ask God to give the community a level Head. Yes it is shameful that this action as gone this far. But the concern here is the LIE? A priest can be ordained at 22 or 24, not sue which. Fr. Bowleg was Ordained based on his birth certificate at that time as 1937. Now He declares he was born, 1945. This is a 7 or 8 year difference. Based on 1937, He was 22 in 1961, now ready for Ordination. If then he knew he was 8 years younger, He should have stood up. Now I do not have all the facts, but somewhere down the line this Priest should have corrected the problem instead of waiting until now. This is the real problem and do not let us get caught looking the other way. Do not get hung up on his coming aniversary it is still good and can still be conducted hornable if requested. This Bishop has to fill positions and move Priest and secure the Gospel. Let us not lose that fact. Correct the Certificate and resolve the Lie!!!! Deceit is not of GOD.

  2. This is such a sad situation as this spat weakens the body of Christ.Am not a memeber of Rev Bowlegs church but I have visited and love their spirited style of worship.I hope the Court rules quickly so that this distraction can go away.

  3. So I think its messed up that yawl are draging this man through the mud. Have no comments other than I think the whole thing is bad

  4. No need to harm the man’s character, what he did/didn’t do for the church, or talk about his family….what is evident though is that something is afoul with this whole situation….I don’t understand how a birth certificate could be “so off”…one year maybe two years but…

  5. Bahamas Press if you dont know the truth then I suggest you shut up and stop listening to false stories. Father Bowleg is an outstanding priest and how dare you call him a DEVIL. The only devil is this website because you are stirring up an argument where not truth lies..

  6. BP, I know you have the original copy of Father Bowleg’s birth certificate so please post a copy to show that he is being mischievous (hate the word lying). Also, please leave his son and other family members out of it because they do not work for the dioceses and you are not aware of their personal feelings. I am also Anglican but I do not have all the facts so I listen without passing horrible judgment on any of them (Boyd, Gomez or Bowleg) because irregardless of their position with the Anglican church they are all human beings.

  7. Lied? No, that is still a matter in dispute…. That is NOT an accepted fact… As I said before your view does not matter… and neither do you… get over yourself… stop being reckless.This does not move Father … All is well…. Father is Covered & Knows Who holds his future.

  8. Wow!  This is truly scary, that a Priest would risk a life of legacy on lies, and disharmony.  In my view something is definitely wrong when a Priest sows active discord.  The litmus test in all of this is “who benefits if he stays?”  Is he going to win more souls or just a fight with the Bishop and the Church?  If the latter is the case, then his fight is definitely not a Godly one.  A “Real Apostle” puts the needs of others before his own, he is not concerned with earthly patronage, nor is he concerned with earthly kingdoms.  A true man of God is not consumed with maintaining titles or power and sees this life for what it is supposed to be transitory to an eternal reward.  Heavenly accolades far outdo earthly ones.  True legacies are lived in the lives that follow you, you don’t need to speak much less lie to prove your worth, everything you do and everyone you touch gives testament to that legacy, your friends, your family.  Knowing this to be true, consider again Is this something someone who is truly Holy will do?  We must continue to pray for the whole state of Christ’s Church.

  9. Examiner….Don’t you even dare for a second talk that mess. Father Bowleg is an outstanding Priest and he is real. He speaks the truth no matter how much it hurts! So watch your mouth and your fingers with the foolishness you typing. This is a man of God have some RESPECT!Bahamas Press the gossip and foolishness ya’ll post on this site is unbelievable. His son made a mistake. As all humans do. We have all fallen short. Birth Certificates are not always accurate. If you need me to tell you that then you lack more sense than I originally thought. As the years go by BETTER RECORDS ARE BEING KEPT AND LESS MISTAKES ARE MADE. Babies still even today, are given to the wrong parents in hospitals, newspapers make errors all the time in their papers, even in this article you have made typo errors – these things happen people its called HUMAN ERROR.Boy common sense clearly missed plenty of ya’ll…. your arguments and reasoning do not even line up… The reason for the injunction is he still has time left to preach. He loves his job and his church… and he is fighting for what is his… he has a legal right to do so.There is no way Father is breaking up the church. BP you do not matter. Neither does your view. I know those who know Father will NEVER EVER EVER lose respect for him and thats what matters most. Suspend the church? The church is not only the building you know…. It is the members as well. If Holy Trinity’s doors are closed the members will be there outside doing what they do everyday of the week. That will not stop ANY show… I can ASSURE YOU of that… so GET REAL… save the parish? The Parish is not complaining!!! We (The Parish) are in GOOD hands….

    • Well if it is such a practice, why is it the police had to take-down the son? You know a priest LIED! I say the Bishop needs to grab his crozier and strike the devil!


      • BP, as the Book of Common Prayer states” if you say you have no sin, the truth is not in you”. I suggest that Bowleg and those band of Demons stop partaking in the Blessed Sacrament as they are not worthy. Bowleg needs to speak the truth about his age and shame the devil.  

  10. I have to laugh at this article . What is vicked is when you can write a story about a girl fighting for her life in hospital go on facebook copy her pictures  and post her pictures online that is vicked. The only Vicked people is gomez and boyd and BP for such a low and scandalous article . After a man has given 40 years of service built a church from the ground up to be one if not the richest church in the diocese’s . And you give  him a letter with days notice and pass the keys all because they want their hands on the church money. When there were parishioners who beg boyd to wait until the church’s 40th anniversary in june so they could send him out in style and he talk to us like we were dogs. BP you are wrong for attacking someone’s character because they are FNM (and am plp) You damn right God has away to take you out himself because father bowleg will bury plenty of yall. Holy Trinity has never bin popular in the diocese because of the way we worship. Further more you talk about breaking up the church. Everyday churches breaking up the church of England broke from the catholic over divorce. The church of England on the verge of breaking up again over gay priest so what’s your point BP. God don’t count religion man does. Be very careful BP the bible talks about touching his anointed  and doing his prophets no harm. Regardless of your opinion of them. Or is the Bahamas so gone that everything is fair game now? How people could look up to him EASY! He didn’t take the law into his own hands he went to the courts. Thats what they are for  when parties can’t agree to settle disputes objectively according to the law and justice. He is not the first pastor to go to court.
    He got plenty people of God praying and fasting on his behalf. And I declare today that his enemies will come one way and leave in seven different ways. BP keep to politics!

    • Holy Trinity sspporters of Bowleg seem like blind followers.  It matters NONE that Bowleg led and oversaw construction of the church.  He nor does the membership own the church.  While his tenure could have been extended to June 2010 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the church, he had more than  a few weeks notice.  This started years ago, when it was legally confirmed that Bowleg lied about his age.  He has had ample notice and should go in peace like all other retired priests did, especially given that Bowleg himself agreed with the rules up until now because he does not want to leave.  It is a shame and disgrace.  Why can’t Bowleg simply retire, leave the church free of scandal and simply be attached to Holy Trinity as an assistant?  Wrong is wrong.  My God, how can people of God behave and embarrass God and the diocese in this way?

  11. The Bishop should take this as a lesson learnt and not allow any priest to stay in a church for too long especially if the priest assist with the construction.the devil is hard at work destroying denominations and a day of prayer needs to be called by the Christian council.The ruling by the Court will have serious ramifications for all .

  12. In the name of Jesus, Please Bowleg, go and go now. You are consumed with Demons. Your Flock has become contaminated.

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