Female FNM delegate is set to vote against the Pintard/Sands team and will report the Chairman to the medical association!

Barbara ‘BAG FULL A MONEY’ Hanna and Minister Duane Sands!

NASSAU| FNM Duane Sands is set to be reported to the medical council of the Bahamas after serious offensive language against a patient surfaced deep inside FNM Chat Group.

A row between Sands and a voting delegate in the upcoming June 1 National Convention got nasty after Sands exposed the woman’s medical records. 

Sands wrote in a chat: “Since you wish to engage publicly… I shall repeat what I said. You are a coward. There are certain topics that are never ever acceptable to be discussed in a public chat. Weaponizing innuendo or allegation … out of bounds. These are not innocent questions. Suppose I asked you to detail when you were diagnosed with a dreadful illness or a sexually transmitted disease…”

Females in the chat raced to BP expressing serious disgust following the row which could hurt not just Duane Sands in the upcoming race but also the leader Michael Pintard who is supposed to be a running mate of SANDS.

The woman offended in the FNM communication is set to file a formal complaint with the medical association. 

Duane Sands is known for exercising serious political verbal diarrhea. Back in 2010, as Sands attempted to get elected in the Elizabeth by-election, Sands went in the national newspaper THE TRIBUNE and described the residents as being “GREEDY”!

In that byelection, Sands was defeated and Leo Ryan Pinder was elected to the Parliament. 

BP has warned FNMs that Duane Sands is a dangerous liability to the FNM.  If you don’t believe us, ask the women inside the party who he has described as not being sexy…but as “FAT”! WHAT IS THIS?

We report yinner decide!