Finance Department has fired workers Monday and Today…Also some 29 Prison Officers sacked minutes ago!


Patrick Wright set to be sent home on May 12th. He is headed into retirement.

Nassau – Bahamas Press is learning another group of Finance workers hired under the former government got their papers from the department this afternoon.

A letter was issued to prominent and active FNMs, some of whom were hired by the PLP.

One active member of the FNM, who is a known member of the party, collected her termination letter Monday morning. It noted that, come Friday 4th May, 2018 [Carnival Weekend], she could wine herself out of the office with frills and feathers. She is terminated.

Meanwhile BP is getting a report that the Cabinet of the Bahamas has agreed to terminate the services of 29 prison officers. All were relieved their working papers.

We are also learning that Prisons Superintendent Patrick Wright has also been sent home upon his retirement on May 12th. wThe 29 Prison officers at the Correctional Facility have not a clue how they futures will be concluded. We understand it is really unlawful to abruptly terminate a public officer who has been in the employ so long.

Meanwhile, after borrowing more than $1.7 BILLION in ten months, one must wonder why only Bahamians – who must repay the loans – are being fired!

We report yinner decide!