9PM UPDATE: Fire in Sandilands Village has left Three Children Dead

Live scene of the fire on Fritz Lane has left three children dead.


Three of the seven children perished in a blaze on Fritz Lane in the Sandilands Village area around 4PM this afternoon.

The four are now in stable condition at the Princess Margaret Hospital. We can tell you the four burns are serious.

MP for the area, Leo Ryan Pinder, we are told is at the hospital at this hourt meeting with the family. Pinder was at the scene and on the ground just after the fire broke, assisting the family.


BREAKING REPORT <<< There was a fatal fire in Sandilands Village Road off Fox Hill Rd. Reports confirm three children are dead as a result of the fire with with several others seriously/critically injured.

The fire occurred around 4pm today.


  1. Oh Lord, when ZNS show the clip from the funeral yesterday, I had my living room for myself. The tears just kept flowing. That was so sad and painful to see those three coffins and knowing they contained three little innocent children bodies in them. The teachers spoke so well about those children, this whole ordeal have been nothing more than heart wrenching. I am still praying for the ones in the hospital and their father, please, please, if you could assist this family in anyway, please try to help them.

  2. Let me tell you all, I feel bad for these children and their father, but this man comes across as very irresponsible to me. In this day and age, this man had over 30 something children, the media only mentioned the seven, because they were the ones he had living with him. With the cost of living being so high, how does he expect to be able to provide for these children and care for them in the way he’s suppose to? Unless he’s a millionaire with staff, well a million dollars could only stretch so far nowadays and if that was the case, I don’t think he would be asking the public for their assistance. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to come across as a hater, I really want him to get the assistance if he needs it, because it isn’t those children fault that he didn‘t use good judgment. I am just tired of people being irresponsible and then looking for other people to bail them out. The thing about it, he is not even a Bahamian, he’s a mixture between Haitian and Chinese, Now why would somebody move to a foreign country and have all these children? You don’t think these foreigners realize the strain they are putting on this little nation or perhaps they could careless? See this is the kind of thing that is eat me up with our leaders, they rushing around here trying to neutralize these people for votes, and they don’t care about the fact that these people breeds more than rats. While most Bahamians trying to take their time and plan their families and make sure they are able to provide for them, these people don’t care if they drag this country down to ground. They already destroy their own country, now do think they could care about ours? They is have all these children and don’t know how they will be able to take care of them, the minute something go wrong they looking at someone to step in and pick up the pieces. They act as if life is one big gamble, I hope you see Island Luck was one of the first one on the scene to come to this man aid, that should tell you something, more than likely he is a regular patron of theirs. If you could help this man and his family out, please do it out of the kindness of your heart. When you look at it, it really isn’t the innocent children fault.

  3. My heart goes out to the family on there loss. May God comort them thru this hard time cause its never easy cop n with a loss of a child. My great grandmother said sum thing to me that has stick with me all my life. A child is suppose to bury there parents and not the other way around. I know the feeling of lose n a child, have n to deal with the lost of my only child. Comfort, God knows ALL, he has them safe at his side and until you meed them again take comfort to know that God has them in safe hands. I wait till I see my son again and my Lord, what a day of rejoicie n that will be.

  4. OMG children are dead and all you (Jen Marche) can do is come on to this page to show someone up. Get a life! Use that time to pray for the family’s loss. Geesh. My prayers are with the family. May they rest in peace.

  5. BP you are such a digrace. There was a fire in Sandilands Village area where at least three children died. So very sad. There was a second fire in Fritz lane you have the story mixed up so badly. My family always tell me not to believe anything I read on BP. Get it right.
    May the kids rest in peace.

    • We encourage you to KEEP reading, because you clearly refuse to listen to your family and us. Every day you must come in some form to discredit the site, but you cannot keep ya backside off.




  6. Oh my God, what an awful catastrophe! My heart felt sympathy goes out to this family and I pray for a full recovery for the ones who had to be hospitalized. May God give them the much needed strength to get through this.

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