Five Dominican fishermen suffered a home invasion early this morning on Lee Street in Nassau Village…

A fishing boat. File Photo

NASSAU| Five Dominican fishermen became victims of a home invasion early Friday morning around 5am in Nassau Village as some four men dressed as Immigration Officers, with three of them brandishing weapons, forced their way into the home of the men.

The men, who resided in a complex on Lee Street in the community, had just returned home from a fishing trip in the wee hours of the morning.

The men were robbed of money and all their residency permits during the ordeal. One of the men held up was gun butted during the home invasion and ordered to comply or face death.

Police did arrive later at the scene of the incident and took statements.  However, the seriousness of the invasion was never reported or outlined in any police report to BP. We wonder why?

Why is it we cannot get reports when a woman is raped? Why can’t citizens get a report and be warned of the dangers when a former Governor General’s home is ransacked and robbed? And why yinner think we cannot get one update or report when a whole man goes missing and is found stuffed inside a dumpster on Valentine’s day?

Police have a duty to warn the public of  danger. They have a duty to inform us where threats exist! Why, WHY, WHY are we not being told of these incidents?

NASSAU VILLAGE! Yinner gat people beating down ya doors claiming to be authorities. We must know this threat exists!

Ya know, we are left with no choice but to believe that, for something this serious to occur and not be reported, it could only mean that criminals must be working with or for the police? WHAT IS THIS?!

We report yinner decide!