Five investigations have begun inside a major Government run Corporation….

Parliament Street.

NASSAU| A former Chairman (during the Minnis Government) and politician could find himself on the wrong side of the law as some five audits and inquiries have opened.

The MP opened a private bank account with his lover, who he described at the time to police to be his “COMMON LAW” spouse. The couple shared a joint bank account in the Royal Bank of Canada.

But all matters went south when documents posted all across social media revealed multiple contracts were paid from the bank account of the corporation into the accounts of a business where the “COMMON LAW” gal was listed on the company books. 

Some half a million dollars in contracts were awarded directly from the hand of her lover to her, according to records.

Now what is interesting is the fact that early this week police questioned, then arrested, a senior executive of that same corporation. Police are looking into matters which expose the decisions of that top executive who has now been separated from the company.

Newspapers are all tight-lipped on these developments as three major papers were also paid top advertising placements from the former Chairman to promote positions that were never filled. Some now believe those payments were all hush money to protect the chairman in times like these.

All we say is this: It ain’t long nah before police conclude their investigations and call into question the scandalous MP who dragged an entire political party into opposition and possibly oblivion. 

We ga report and let yinner decide!