Five pit bulls shot dead after police showed up at the repast of deceased gang leader, Peron Bain

A Pitbull named “Recession” trained to bark at the FNM.

NASSAU| Police shot up and killed five pit bulls in a yard in Bel Air Estates on Thursday after they entered the yard of an animal breeder. 

Police showed up at the repast of murdered gang leader Peron Bain that was being held at the location. But, as the police showed up, several men attending the repast fled the scene, police moving through several yards in the area to catch some of the men.

Bain, you will recall, was an alleged gang boss who was gunned down and murdered along with a 10-year-old on May 29th. Some also believe Bain’s murder was a hit by another drug kingpin out of Abaco.

Persons witnessing the pit bull massacre said, “The dogs posed no threat to the officers. This is animal cruelty!”

It is still unknown as to why police showed up at the repast.

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