Flashy Cars and Million Dollar Homes Racked-up by Two Public Servants


Labourers at HMP. file photo

Nassau, Bahamas — Prison officials sat glued to their chairs while prisoners peeped through the iron bars when a junior officer pulled up to the gates of Fox Hill in his spanking brand new Ford Taurus.

Rather than watching the gates, officers began watching his car as if the Governor General had just entered the compound.

One eyewitness in the Executive Offices told BP, “All I could say is Crime does pay in the Bahamas and walking crooked appears to be the way to go.”

The junior officer rolled his windows up as he parked his steamy $40,000 ride in the parking lot. The same officer was alleged to be under investigation, however, the claims were suddenly dropped by department heads.

Sources at HMP tell us there are files at the prison, which needs to go public, so all the shady business at HMP could be revealed.

“Haven’t you notice BP how almost every time a crime occurs in the Bahamas police are all over the place seeking the public assistance to look for the criminal? If you look carefully at who is being released on that WORK SCHEME at HMP, you would have the shock of your life,” the source said.

Last year a prisoner released by the prison on the Work Scheme in the east, but was at the scene of a murder in the central section of New Providence later that day. How the prisoner got in the location no one knows and those in the WUTLESS media don’t want to know, except if they are downtown protesting against the sale of BTC!

That same prisoner was then later involved in a drive-by shooting in the Yellow Elder community and following that, showed up at the hospital nursing wounds believed to have been received at the murder scene earlier that day.

A similar model of the spanking new Ford Taurus driven and parked at HMP.

Hubert Ingraham and Tommy Turnquest renewed Ellison Rahaming’s contract with the Prison Service, while the matter involving that same prisoner was swept under that BIG ‘DUTTY’ Prison rug. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?

Meanwhile, government investigators are deep in the Financial Intelligence Unit [FIU], looking into alleged CORRUPT practices of a former government employee.

Sources in that department tell us a former senior public servant in the FIU, managed to build a $500,000 [HALF A MILLION DOLLAR] home in the east.

The two-storey home is alleged to have been built with supplies allotted for government buildings.

Sources in the OPM tell us, “We are closely monitoring this latest development, however, we are afraid the former public servant is joined to the hip of a senior politician. It is our suspicion like the BTC fiasco, NOT A DAMN THING WILL BE DONE!”




    • I drive a 1993 left hand Toyota Corolla that looks as if it came from a junk heap. And even when I was working making 330 a week, with my then job (of well over a decade) before they betrayed me due to an injury, I was driving cars of this kind due to lack of financial freedom. For some one who is making a shant more than I was, to roll into work with a spanking new Ford vehicle valued at 40,000 iron boys, then red lights should go off. But, had I the chance, I’d do the same, because where I am now (bad back,knees and failing health), instead of being the good guy seeking to curb corruption, I’d throw my lot in with them to get mine, because being poor, and jobless, is infinitely worse than being scum.

  2. Bp you’ll need to check out the government department who have an employee who suppose to be doing their work on the road…..they are saying that they are doing it…but they are signing the owners names them self and saying that the owners is signing. I was indeed shock when one of the government employee came to my business to do an inspection and I noticed that my name was signed on their form….and it was not my signature….when I told the employee that it was not my signature all the employee told me to write a letter to the PS…the employee did not seen surprise that the signature was not my signature…it appear to me that I was not the first one. BP please invegate this matter then you can report it. Thank you.

    • Gary you should see the people who hate these revelations. They are coming though! The FNM IS GONE!


  3. This just goes to show how much people lovvvvveeeeeeeeee to watch people and what they have…i agree with above, how yal know he wasnt saving….yal really have to stop watching ppl….those ford dont cost nothing much…from they were Ford Five Hundred they didnt cost anything much…like above said they can be bout for 15k easy leathered out…that boy mightve had that car sitting in the back of copart for the longest tryna get that together way that mightve done been under water or something….them set who watching mad cuz they still driving Nissan Sunny aye…mudda flip man STOP FLIPPING WATCHING PPL…….

  4. Let me tell ya. The banks lending money for cars fool. Check Commonwealth Bank… I bet he got a loan from them. He just can;t eat for the next 10 years. LOL

  5. My opinion is as such, if the Public officer came into his possessions by an honest means that is his perogative.

    Before we cast any inferences we should ask some questions.

    Does he have a spouse and could she have assisted in the building of the home?

    Does he have a mortgage?

    Did a contractor gave him a reduced rate for labour?

    Was the $40,000.00 car brought in damaged?

    Did he come into divers sums of money by a game of chance (numbers) ?

    If he is liable of corruption that is different but if he was strategic in doing what he did within his means then a public servant or not, he’s a Bahamian too and should be allowed to own whatsoever he wish in a Bahamas for all Bahamians.

      • I totally agree with Rambo, however there are still too much corruption in this small country of ours.
        The one thing i can give the FNM is that their P.R michine stays in high gear,so when ever there is alledge corruption the P.R machine sets up an idiot buffet & we all eat to our hearts content.
        Another thing that is obvious here is that the major media houses are FNM leaning,therefore we should not expect any better from.The one way i tend to deal with this FNM leaning media is simple,Just dont purchase their products.

          • Even if it’s bought from ebay at $25,000.00, the cost to bring it into The Bahamas is astronomical so it would still cost around $40,000.00 or more.

            On the matter of who could afford what, if there wasn’t cause for suspicion and investigation, there would be none.

      • @MEDIA

        A ford taurus in the US don’t cost $40,000. it would be in the mid $20,000.00 and if you buy it from copart and have it repaired it might cost you 10 to 15 thousand local. The car you showed is a 2008. you can buy that and repair it for about $8000. So tell them people stop being petty and let that man enjoy his money. Its not just what you make its also what you do with it.

        • We didn’t say the car shown was a 2011. That is point number 1, THAT VEHICLE SHOWN HOWEVER IS INDEED A FORD TAURUS. Second point, here is the exact US cost for the vehicle. http://www.ford.com/cars/taurus/

          This means with shipping cost and another 85% tax slapped on the bill that’s to PAPA, the closing cost landed in the Bahamas is exactly, $47,027. And that is the cheapest you could drive one off the lot at.

          WE REPORT YOU DECIDE! and some a yinner could SPIN!


          • Media give me 15 thousand and i will get you one with a C.D. Title fully leather out,A.C. and the works. It’ll look good as hell and your boss if your not the boss ga think you theifin his money. Its just petty bro. This the same reason why they wonna pass a bill to stop young black entrepreneurs from buying these cars. The price is good and we broke people get ta drive a fairly new and reliable car for a third of the cost. My fee is only $300.00 service charge, let me know when you ready.

          • how you know the person didnt get a loan to get it….? and u say junior officer like that mean he cant have money, he could have been working from before hmp and saving and have the cash to buy it now…

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