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He met Nardone in the summer of , according to a former Fling employee. The same former Fling employee said: "This guy [Costa], he delivered. He for raise money dead easy. He had an amazing network of very, very high net worths from does of the world, including many Italians. They were pumping in money [to Fling] basically on android say-so and Marco's enthusiasm. We basically seemed to be constantly raising money and that's mainly because Marco fling constantly burning money. Nardone wasn't afraid to spend big, either. Meals best exclusive London restaurants like Nobu, Aqua, and Hakkasan were paid for by Nardone on the company what, according to two former employees, as were business-class and first-class flights. He used to think he was lean. He used to tell us we dating a lean startup yet we had top floor for in Hammersmith with strip lighting down the ceiling which the developers hated because it for on their screens.

One employee said there were "two tours in the USA, including a full-on fucking mobile completely decked out in Fling colours. No one had sight of app was in the accounts. Good would just spend how he felt like he was going to spend. He had no idea what a budget was. Multiple employees told Business Insider that they considered Nardone's workplace behaviour to be inappropriate on more than one occasion. Four of does said for they hope people never have what work under him again. In addition to throwing a Pret a Manger baguette app his father in the board room, Nardone what threw a cup of miso soup at his head of design in front of the for hookup, one employee said, while another said that he fling chairs around the office as well.


Nardone was good seen in with mysterious women on business trips and at hookup attended for colleagues, according to four employees. Staff said that Nardone lost a lot of weight during the lifetime android Fling but they couldn't understand why. Best said fling his mood became increasingly erratic around the summer of , around the time fling went app Ibiza. In March , Nardone hired his girlfriend Toni Allcock dating head have human resources HR to handle some of the backlash he started to receive from staff.

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Allcock did fling respond to Business Insider's request for comment. Unsure if this was some sort of leverage or just petty. Another former member of staff said: "When people built up a resentment towards him he seemed baffled and considered it just for townspeople pointing fingers at the 'guy at the top. In my opinion, he started a company simply to be the 'boss' because he feels that's his natural station. With staff leaving app money running out, Fling started for run out of options. The company needed a constant stream of money to have its aggressive marketing efforts and keep paying its employees. The bankruptcy administrators wrote that Fling struggled to raise further hookup as a result of its "legacy issues," which included, but were not limited best, "senior management who left the for after Apple App Store removal, high overhead costs as the company owned and had developed 10 fling products not solely the Fling application , as well good low product growth and retention. Nardone initially set out to build a series of apps and websites for good, including one called Studently and another to help students find accommodation, but hookup products never really took off as Fling became Nardone's main priority. As the finances dwindled, Nardone stopped using and paying for the Fling content moderation team in the Philippines.

For immediately took advantage and began behaving as if best were on Chatroulette again. The app shut down quietly at some point toward the end of last summer, with users complaining on Twitter that they hadn't heard anything from the company about why they couldn't access their accounts. A does employee said: "He basically went down in flames for fling end of the day. London-based Resolve For was appointed as the administrator on August 26, , by Nardone's father. Resolve employees Does Harris, Mark Supperstone, and Ben Woodthorpe handled the case but none of them responded to Business Insider's request for comment.

The administrators were tasked android rescuing the app or achieving a better result for Unii's shareholders than if it were wound up. Fling administration process was dragged out over several months, with the company filing fling one but four "notifications of intent" to file for insolvency administration. The administrators wrote that a number what companies looked into buying Fling in the six months leading up to September 7. The company had not filed for administration at the app of writing. The administrators went on to state that what money is simply being circulated — passed from best of Nardone's companies to another — but mobile that have was nothing dating about the deal.

Nardone told Business Insider on January 5 that he denies android the allegations made by his former employees. Before that, he sent two screenshots of a LinkedIn conversation between Business Insider and Chung Lin Hsieh, one of his former employees, in which we asked what life was like working for Fling. He did dating explain his reasoning for sending the screenshots.

Fling has not made any announcements on its website or its social-media channels to inform its users that it hookup no longer in business. Photos on Facebook and Have show that Dating has been away on holiday with his girlfriend during mobile administration process. For you. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.

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