FNM Apologists Seeking to Revise History


The Editor
Bahamas Press
25 October 2021

Dear BP,

Bahamians did not have to wait long to see the FNM media hacks try to revise the history of one of the most incompetent, cruel and profligate governments in our recent history. It started with an Editorial in today’s Tribune which asserted that the former Prime Ministers exit was a graceful one; this of course is a gross
misrepresentation of what happened. Unlike Bahamian Prime Ministers before him Minnis, in his usual ignorance and defiance of Westminster conventions which dictated his resignation after the FNM, s decisive defeat at the polls clung doggedly to his party’s leadership and caused it even more reputational damage. Note that at no time did his apologists suggest that he conform with parliamentary convention
and resign.

And not to be left out another Tribune writer stated with a straight face that the FNM “Must Learn from its mistakes when choosing a leader”. The reality is that the party which they love, protect, and adore has no control over who the leader is. Just look at who their previous leaders were; they were selected by the moneymen to do a particular job. And that job was to suppress the rights of the average Bahamian and
increase the power of its financiers and benefactors and profit from our economy while contributing nothing but menial, low paying jobs to the economy; that’s why they are so committed to stamping out any attempt to implement minimum wage.

Don’t be deceived, the FNM were never staunch advocates of Bahamian progress because that runs counter to the interest of its financiers. What we saw for the last four and a half years was a shameful exercise of their power to enrich their friends, lovers, family members and an monied oligarchy which is well pass its sell by date. Just look at the FNM policies and actions since 1992. Repealing the Immovable

Property Act which allowed their patrons to sit on undeveloped land with no cost to them. Concessions and other benefits to their moneyed patrons which drastically reduced public revenues and offsetting these revenue losses by VAT increases which shifted the entire costs of running the country on the already overburdened populace. Had they not been defeated at the polls the FNM would have continued their merry way and destroyed our country. They know that a successful PLP administration poses an existential threat to their powerful friends and their hold over our economy and no amount of propaganda, lies and distortions written by conflicted writers will change this reality.

What we have here is a new day and an opportunity for a fresh start for Bahamians. An excellent opportunity to make things right and progress the Bahamas in a manner which benefits all. So Minnis can cry us a river, cry us a river because his incompetent administration has caused us a torrent of tears, angst, and

The new administration must focus on correcting the distrust in government and our institutions caused by the FNM and its failed policies. The new minsters must deliver on their mandates and ensure that government policy is conducted without fear or favor especially in dealing with the numerous and troubling allegations of corrupt practices by the previous administration; the international community is watching closely. There is a huge mess for the PLP to clean up, but we are confident that they are up to the task of rebuilding the Bahamas


Michael J. Brown