FNM candidate has ‘bamboozled’ North Abaco – FNM North Abaco candidate was ordered out of the United States


Someone must explain why the FNM Candidate’s bio was never released to the public – North Abaco woman say she spotted candidate mopping floors in a Fort Lauderdale restaurant before being ordered to leave US!

FNM candidate is shaping up to be a liability for the party. No one remembers his name or where he came from in the past 8 years. North Abaco woman say she spotted candidate mopping floors in a US restaurant before being ordered to leave US!

North Abaco, Bahamas — When the members of the Free National Movement get serious, they will accept and understand that Hubert Ingraham, the former MP for North Abaco, has “Bamboozled” them as failed candidate Howard Johnson once said.

For more than a month now Bahamas Press has asked the FNM and members of the wutless media in the Bahamas to share with us a bio of the current opposition candidate contesting the North Abaco seat.

Many would remember how, while FNMs deliberated as to who they should send and who shall go for them, the former leader of the party interjected that he wanted his candidate in the race to tell his story to the Bahamian people. But while Mr. Ingraham wants him to tell his story, no one in the party has yet to share with the public much less the people of North Abaco what is his real name and offer insight as to who he really is.

We know Ali McIntosh has been contesting the seat for years and she is known in the community. She is Mama. We know the PLP’s candidate Renardo Curry. He too has always been apart of the North Abaco community and is rooted in the constituency. He has worked for the government and people down there, so we know him. We know Mr. Mills who is an independent, who once was the FNM general for Hubert Ingraham. However Mr. Mills has severed his ties with the FNM and is running for himself. But ask any FNM you know about the FNM’s candidate and they cannot tell you anything and only Bahamas Press knows why.

You see, we’ve been investigating, digging and exploring this mystery man and our deep, deep investigations took us into the Fort Lauderdale, Florida community where we have learnt the FNM man seeking the seat has lived since 2003, and this is just the beginning.

Soon to be FNM leader, Loretta Butler-Turner, is shocked and surprised to know FNM Candidate for North Abaco was just short of being deported and lived illegally in the United States.

Both he and his wife we can confirm not just lived, but resided in Florida “Illegally” according to information from the ‘ICE’ [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] division of Homeland Security in the United States.

The FNM candidate, who is unknown in North Abaco, was also discovered to have illegally resided in Florida unknown to the American Authorities, which now raises serious and dangerous credibility issues with the FNM’s choice for North Abaco.

From what he have uncovered, his eight-year illegal stay in Fort Lauderdale ended just before returning to The Bahamas just months before the May 7th general elections.

As this information was shared by key FNM generals here in Nassau, Bahamas Press can tell you the candidate chosen by the Party to replace Ingraham’s seat is being closely watched and from responses, concerns are already coming forward.

As one North Abaco resident told us in the Fox Town Community, “I saw [the FNM Candidate] working in a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale just eight months prior to his return to the country”. The sighting now questions his professional credentials as a teacher. How could he be a teacher, while working in a restaurant, and here’s where more information left us in complete shock!

Bahamas Press learnt, that after living in the US illegally, the FNM candidate then applied along with his wife for citizenship for the United States of America in 2011.

Formal documents shown to us confirmed the intent of the candidate to become a US citizen and this was when the “MESS” hit the fan.

We have learnt the FNM candidate in North Abaco and his wife’s applications for citizenship were rejected by US Agents and they were ordered out of the country by ICE for residing “UNDOCUMENTED” in the State of Florida and having failed to notify authorities of their stay in the country. Well, monkey foot!

This means the candidate stayed under a cloud, underground, “undocumented” and illegal for years!


We also found out that just short of being arrested and deported by ICE, the candidate was ordered out of the US and is now barred from entering; which is why we are asking the question: “What is the full name of the FNM’s North Abaco Candidate?”

Someone must now speak and speak fast and let the community of North Abaco know what is this!

We want to know when will the candidate and Hubert Ingraham travel to the US again and we want some in the FNM to know, there is more to this story we shall share.


We report yinner decide!