FNM Candidate refuses to debate the issues


FNM candidate Duane Sands declines to participate in the National Debate. The FNM refuses to talk about JOBS and the WRECKED ECONOMY they have delievered to the people in Lizzy. WE CRY SHAME ON THEM!

The debate will be held this Tuesday 9th and will be televised live on JCN.

Bahamas Press tells Lizzy VOTE AGAINST THE FNM!


  1. All of the candidates were very well prepared and they presented themselves pretty well during the debate. In my opinion, I felt Dr Rollins impressed me more than the other candidates. One of the question I would have like Wendell Jones to ask each candidate, but he didn’t were their views pertaining to capital punishment, well we already know how Rodney feels about it, but it would have been good to hear the others opinion as well. This was definitely a good initiative by JCN, because it helped you to see each candidate individually and what they represent. Up until now, I was not familiar with Dr. Rollins at all or any of his views, I found myself in agreement with most of his answers. These were some very important and straight forward questions that were put forward to the candidates by Mr. Jones and Dr. Sands should have been apart of this panel to publicly address them. All of the other candidates who are running in Elizabeth took time away from campaigning to inform the general public about their views on these very crucial matters that affect our society as a whole and I feel Dr. Sands should have been happy to welcome the opportunity to introduce himself and share his views on these topic with the general public. Even if he was able to make it to every door in Elizabeth, he can only spend so much time explaining himself to each individual. If he had done this debate he would have been able reach more people on a larger scale and more people would have had an idea of what he is all about. 

  2. Well the debate is over and i think it was no contest, Dr Rollins totally impressed and his stock has went up dramatically. I can almost guarantee you that he will be approached by both major parties in the future!

    Ryan was ok. He didnt wow, but he didnt do anything to hurt himself either. He knows he has that seat already won.

    Cassisus showed nothing new!

    Rodny Moncur was there for comic relief!

    All in all it was the first debate, it wasnt perfect, but lessons will be learned from this one. Wendell was good as usual, If there was one criticism was that the production quality was really poor.

    All in all it was a good first step in out democracy!

  3. The first hour of the debate has ended and i must say that Dr Rollins has really impressed me. He really has leadership potential but sadly it wont happen as long as he is in the NDP!

    Ryan Pinder started off slow, probably because of nerves but has improved a bit. This kind of forum isnt his strong suit.

  4. Watching the debate and of all the panelist, Dr Sands has good “camera presence.” Rodney Moncur is proving why no one takes him serious. This man is a total ass.Ryan Pinder looks a bit stiff and nervous.Cassius looks like spongebob with he yellow suit!

  5. Does anyone know what time the debate is suppose to start? I thought it was suppose to start at 7:30? Its 20 minutes to 8 and i dont see it on JCN or on Love 97FM.

  6. I wan know why one constituency has three gad damn headquaters! I will make it my personal mission to video tape these constituency’s before this bye election and again at the end of this year.
    Will also post my videotapings on youtube so all bahamians and the world can see how insulting these politicians are, and how stupid the ppl who run up wnd down behind them are.
    I’m quite sure all three headquaters will be shut down and a ghost town before the year is done.

  7. Ronica, I agree with your statement; very rarely would you find  “white Bahamians/Conchy joes” voting PLP.As for Edison Key, he is a GEM of a man, and a great loss to the PLP.

  8. I listen to the P.M on the radio this morning .  I a bahamian of amercian bahamian parent i have dual to.And i am a young voter  .We are under his government and  MR Sands  is saying they are going to fix this thing and the next .Yes that is good. But i want to hear that as the government WE  HAVE  ALREADY FIX THE PROBLEM.Not only when election time we get all these promising.The F .M. N was in power almost 3 years now stop blaming the P.L .P .PERRY was trying i did not hear him complaining and complaining as much .To the F NM please FIX THE PROBLEM NOW NOT ONLY BECAUSE ITS ELECTION TIME  .THEN I MIGHT VOTE.  OH NOT F.NM

  9. Aurelia and lizzy I agree. And to be honest dr sands and his leader are a disgrace.
    I heard them talk about the poor state of the basketball court when they are the governing party so things
    Like street signs, park maintenance, efficient library and things of this nature are their responsability UNLESS
    He is admitting that because elizabeth has voted against the governing party they have ignored the area because that’s
    A clear case of victimisation and on that note I urge my neighbors to piss on that torch. out their flames.

  10. Dr. Sands is running to represent Elizabeth. Only voters in Elizabeth matter. You folk need to get a grip. Jones will not be allowed to dictate how this thing goes. He think that he important now, and people want to appoint that bill ducking sob, Kingmaker? You must be out of your mf minds!

    The FNM is not a pappy show. Hasn’t Sands been all over the radio, including JCN, taking calls and questions? I wish that stupidity was a fatal disease….

  11. Hardcore FNM, like i said earlier,

    this is a DUMB move. I find it hard to believe that Dr Sands is ok with this. All of his competitors will have a national platform for over an hour.

    ITS CHEAP PUBLICITY! this is what every candidate wants!

    I am holding out hope that he will change his mind and still participate. There is still time!

  12. I am a hardcore FNM and I can honestly say that I think the FNM has made a mistake this time, by not including Dr. Sands in the GREAT debate!I wonder why? Is it because they are afraid he’s not “seasoned” enough to answer the questions that may be thrown at him?  Is it because they don’t want to seem as if they are “catering” to Wendell Jones’ excellent initiative? What is it?I could understand if we were relying on a debate from some of the others within the party, but I  think Duane Sands would have been an excellent candidate to join in this debate. He is intellent, mature and extremely articulate!There is no way every candidate can visit and speak with every single resident in Elizabeth before elections. This would have been an excellent opportunity for Dr. Sands to address some of the issues publically…..I thought we were moving ahead in this country with the FNM in power….but I’m not so sure now with this refusal to participate in a public debate.If he wants to win this election, I suggest he show up, even if it’s at the last minute!…………..

    • Hardcore, you are so right, but Papa may be saying  someting by not leting him attend da great debate, like he already have Lizzy Won with dem 700 reg voters no one could fine  

    • LOL.. Hardcore FNM… if you are you would note that on that same day doc sands will be with hundreds of residents of Lizzie in their homes.. from area to area… YOU SHOULD NOT call ya self Hard core FNM if you do not know what the FNM is doing in Lizzie… DO not mind these plps talking fool…. FNMs have it all togather..

  13. If it’s true that Dr. Sands has declined to take part in the debate that is a shame.  As an undecided voter, I was looking forward to hearing the views of ALL of the candidates.   I hope that he does not think that the  noisy music bus that passes through my neighbourhood will persuade people to vote for him. ….  The same applies to all of the noise makers.  And let’s not talk abuot the ridiculous number of posters all over the placve.  They are just an eyesore!

  14. Altec, I am not saying no support, I am saying, they will never have a large support of the white vote.

    Have you ever noticed, almost every white bahamian, or “conchy joe” bahamian who hails from Long Island, Abaco, Spanish wells is for the most part Fnm?

    That is by design my friend. Probably another four elections down the road it may change. Look at the results from 1967, to presen,t where the larger amount of “white bahamians” reside Look at all the white, plp candidates who have ran in  predominantly white areas Not successful.

    In the 2002 election, Brent Symonette was the only Fnm, that had a seat, and where was it?

    • Ronica7, again, i cant agree with your premise. Edison Key was a long time PLP and held that seat in North Abaco for the PLP until he decided to switch parties.

      As it relates to Brent Symonette, his constitueny has many whites in it, but its predomantily black. Plus remember, many of the whites that live in his eonstiuency are ex-pats. The fact is many of the well off blacks that live in that constitueny support the FNM.

      To many people make the mistake of thinking that Brent’s constituency is mostly white. Thats not true. How do i know? I live in his constituency.

      The fact of the matter is many white bahaminas dont  offer themselves for public office and i hope Ryan Pinder will be proof that they too have a voice and are needed to help take the country to the next level.

  15. Oh yeah Altec I like this one. Ryan is bringing the country together. Ingraham is dividing the country.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  16. Ronica7, I refuse to believe that. The old guard on both sides of the isle are all but gone now. There are only a remnant of them left. I refuse to believe that their children and grand children want to fight battles in which they had no part in.

    The white Bahamian voter in the family islands have supported two white PLP MP’s before so your argument doesnt hold water. Plus Ryan Pinder was campaigning in the island of his father’s birth that has a significant population of white Bahamians but the party leadership decided to put him in Elizabeth even though the feeling was he would have won that seat easily.

    Fact is, times are changing in this country. The old guard is dying off and the post independence children are grown and are looking to take the country in a new direction.

  17. Altec, you must be in lala, land! The Plp will never have a preponderance of support from “white bahamians! They are still smarting from “1967′!

    They would support a “black fnm, ” anyday over a white Plp.

    As for Dr. Sands, He is just being FNM, afraid of the issues.

  18. Ya know what, Dr Sands will change his mind at the last minute and show up. He has too. His campaign team cant be so stupid and keep him out of this debate. The way things are going, it cant get any worse for him.

  19. I dont understand this move by Dr Sands campaign. This debate will be carried LIVE on JCN and Love 97 and other private radio stations may carry it as well. Plus the next days newspapers and news broadcasts will all lead with the debate story the follow day. Thats at least free advertising.

    This is a bad move.

    You cant give your opposition valuable airtime without your voice being heard. Can you imagine the U.S. Presidential debate minus John McCain?

    I wonder if Dr Sands agreed with this?

    BP, there is something that i dont think is getting much play in the media or on the blogs and it has to do with race! Ryan Pinder is bringing the country together whether he knows it or not from a racial point of view. For the PLP, the party that took political power away from the white minority, to be energetically behind a white man running for office in a 100% black constituency has to give many white Bahamians, who wouldnt normally think favorably about the PLP, pause!

    For this country to move forward, we need our white brothers and sisters to come out and help build this country too. We need more participation from them than what we are getting. The past is the past, its time to move forward.

    Just seeing Ryan Pinder on tv being genuinely supported and embraced like the way he is is very heart warming.

  20. Dr. Sands told Bulgie, that he was a free thinker. Free Thinker my foot. Mugabe has the whip on. They Red and They are Scared.

  21. Voters in Elizabeth need to get rubber chickens and place on their porches so that the good Dr will know that he is viewed as a chicken.Cackle like chickens whenever you see the good DR.You dont want him representing you as he will have no voice later as he has none now.Do not vote for Dr Sands and tell your neighbors to do as you do,Say know to PAPA and Dr Sands.

  22. I have stated b4 that the good Dr is a puppet on a string like the other FNM representatives.Well since he is under the thumb of PAPA I will take off the gloves and deal with him as a poltician.Welcome to the world of politics doc now get out the butter as you will be the toast.

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