FNM Chairman Shining Floors for “Monkey Minnis” and Crew to Dance On


Emergency Meeting called inside the Free National Movement!

FNM Chairman, Carl Culmer

NASSAU| In a scathing letter to an FNM member, FNM Chairman, Carl Culmer, made it crystal clear that he has had it with PM Minnis and his “PLP crew” within the FNM. Culmer claims to be working hard while Johnny-Come-Lately members receive the spoils of his labour. 

Because of the prominent FNM names called in the letter, the FNM Executive has called an emergency meeting to “DO IN” Culmer before the PM returns from his “vacation” in Brussels. The FNM Executive has planned to patch in Minnis, via telephone, because they want Minnis to hear when they politically kick Culmer, his man of business, in the seat of his pants TODAY. Culmer, apparently, is the muscle for the PM, doing his bidding in areas of the party where the PM is afraid to while continuing his reputation of being the most hated man in The Bahamas.  Let’s not forget Prince Hall Lodge, St. Barnabas Church and St. Ambrose Church. Culmer cannot go back to any of these institutions.

Turmoil abounds in the FNM. The members do not want Hubert Minnis as their Leader and they do not want Carl Culmer as their Chairman and they do not want Laneisha Rolle as the Minister of Youth and Sports and they do not want this and that. Everyone in that party is at war with each other and accusing leadership, once again, of not looking out for FNMs at the table. They can war all they want but in 2022 this will be a PLP NATION with PM Brave Davis at the helm.  

BP’s source, deep in the Executive of the FNM, provided this letter from Chairman, Carl Culmer:

“These are the type of people the Leader has around him. Pam Miller who just came around the FNM from the PLP in Ingrahan’s second term in leadership  I can say my entire family not only vote FNM but campaigns and work every function. Can Pam say this. 

“Greg Sherman on the other hand is saying that we are having elections to get rid of Minnis, Carl Culmer. When I was supporting and working for Minnis when he was too busy talking information out the FNM to the DNA. Do not wear red.

“Serfent and Brad who supported Loretta Butler is now telling Minnis it is time  to get rid of me.

“In 2009,  Yontalay Bowe came in this party after coming out the PLP,  at Minnis back to school led a small group is telling Minnis I got to go. When my people came into the FNM from the UBP, never supported the PLP,  was victimized for being FNM and today I’m now being victimized by these PLPs in my party. Something got to be wrong with this. 

“These PLPs who have eaten from both parties now telling FNMs that they are not FNMs and want to get rid of him.

“What did they do to assist Minnis in the leadership race. I lost friends because I did not only support Minnis but worked to ensure he won. 

“What did they do during the elections. I have worked every election for the FNM starting with Wells in 1982. My wife and Children worked every election. My father’s children work every election.

“We do not only support with our talent but with our pockets. In 2012 I assisted with financial support when Dwight called asking for money because the white boys held back on their financial support. In 2017 I gave candidates donations, the least being one thousand dollars. I joined Nigel Lewis in purching 1300 shirts days before the elections because there were no shirts at Mackey Street and supporters were saying if they cannot get shirts they were not voting. 

“In 2014, when Leon Williams returned to BTC I was retired at 52 as a senior VP because of being FNM.

“They are angry because I would not let them screw up the election process like they did at the Women’s Association causing mass confusion to get elected who they desire. 

“The night of nominations is not the time to pay dues, whenever the presiding officer comes to the meeting the list of financial members should be given to them. Those constituencies that have been in office two will have elections as per the constitution.

The leader should not be seen interfering with this process.

“The PM goons are afraid of elections. Noone will contest Minnis as long as he is leader. What he need to be concerned about after his goons run the people who support him is who will work the elections in 2022 when the combine efforts of Ingraham, Christie, the PLP and the PLP/FNM crew around him leave him when they see the ground shifting.

“I’m tired shining floors for monkeys to dance on enjoying the hard work of the few.”