FNM Chaplain was owed money and denied payment by FNM Contractors…WAS IT SUICIDE?


<<< FNM Chaplain, Ricardo ‘Chappy’ Knowles.

Nassau, Bahamas — The shocking death of a 26-year-old Torchbearer has left the town puzzled as to what led to his demise on Saturday past. Rescue workers and several tourist pulled the dead body of FNM Chaplain, Ricardo ‘Chappy’ Knowles, from waters behind the Straw Market just minutes after onlookers heard him screaming for help.

Only Bahamas Press is following this story, and today we shall reveal our findings to the public.

Friends close to the deceased tell us the young man who dedicated his life to the FNM was a committed foot soldier of the Party, who never waned in his support for the FNM.

“‘Chappy’ was dedicated, I mean dedicated to the FNM. When we were in the battle of our lives in Elizabeth, he would walk from his one room shack in the heart of the ghetto to Elizabeth every night to ask voters to vote for Duane Sands. He was a real FNM,” a Party officer told BP.

However, despite this loyalty and dedication to the organization ‘Chappy’ was hurting and was being abused and turned around from opportunities by the Free National Movement’s Party leadership. Contract after contract for construction work was issued to Insley Mitchel and Obrian Knowles. The men headed up a company of which ‘Chappy’ was employed. Both contractors are diehard FNMs. Despite his long hours on the job and his commitment to the Party, Mitchel and Knowles refused to pay ‘Chappy’ his money. Week after week ‘Chappy went home a broke man and was not being paid.

We are told FNM Chairman, Carl Bethel, when he stood as minister of education issued work to the contractors. But again ‘Chappy’, was never paid.

“How members of our Party got by doing this to this young man is beyond me,” a fellow FNM told BP. “Everyone turned ‘Chappy’ around. No one offered him the assistance to get his money from these goons not even the Chairman Carl Bethel, who issued some of the contracts.”

We are told the day before the chaplain’s body was pulled from the waters behind the Straw Market last Saturday, Insley Mitchel had contacted ‘Chappy’ that morning asking him to report at a contraction site. We are told it was then when the deceased decided to ignore the call and hangout at Senior Frogs in the down town area.

It is reported by eyewitnesses that ‘Chappy’ found himself into the waters and immediately began screaming for help. No one knew whether he was pushed over, or if he slipped. Some suggested he was intoxicated and could have possibly committed suicide. Persons watching the young man drown in the harbour seemed helpless and by the time help came it was too late. ‘Chappy’ had drowned and his lifeless body was pulled from the waters.

Who could have known the troubles were so great for such an unassuming young man who was simple and humble? Why did persons, right in his own Party, robbed him so viciously? Refusing to pay the deceased his money dating as far back October of 2009? Why did the Chairman of the FNM not intervene against the crooked actions by those rogues in his Party [Mitchel and Knowles], which committed such crimes against the young man. Readers should also note ‘Chappy took care of his younger sister and brother as he was being bamboozled and robbed like a victim held at gunpoint in broad daylight?

We therefore ask, was it suicide? Was Chappy pushed to the end of his rope and as a result of the hightail robbery against him by the people he ‘TRUSTED’? The dead man cannot speak but we at BP will speak for him.

BOY ‘CHAPPY’ THE TREAT YOU SOOO WRONG and today we mourn your death.