More workers sent home this Friday…Double D's Close and workers sent home


Nassau, Bahamas — Another company is hurting from the the deep recession gripping the Bahamas. Workers at the Double D’s Restaurant chain were sent home as the company’s owner confirmed to BP its closure.

Double D’s is a popular night spot which served a number of famous dishes to locals. The shocking news have night clubbers in a state of shock.  “I cannot believe they are closed. It was my favourite spot to eat when I am out late. This means BP I must find a new place to buy that good tasty souse now? SMT,” a patron of the restaurant told BP.

The country is spinning from the pains of a deep dark recession, which has forced the Prime Minister to take a break and head to South Africa. On Friday some 250 workers at the department of environmental health were paid their final cheques as the ministry relieved them form their temporary employment with the government.

“Things are rough and I don’t know where to turn,” one worker told BP.

“Earl Deveaux and the PM could find $20 million for 19 wealthy families to extend Kelly island and build a port facility, but the poor and struggling workers are being kicked to the curb everyday and slapped with higher taxes,” a reporter told BP.