Bethel issues writ against the CJ for Sexual Harassment


BREAKING NEWS HAPPENING NOW <<< Bahamas Press is reporting that a writ was issued today against the Attorney General John Delaney in the Supreme Court by Acting DPP Cheryl Grant-Bethel.

BP has also learned in the writ ordered sealed from the public also contains allegations of SEXUAL HARASSMENT in the AG’s Office against former AG now Chief Justice of the Bahamas, Sir Michael Barnett.



  1. @ truth hurts actually they proposed to transfer her to the law reform commission she will no longer be in prosecutions according to the press reports and ingrahm himself but you right in that this will be yet another payout

  2. You are correct in your assessment truthhurts but who is to say that bethel did not make the report prior to Sir Michail assuming his post?Let us also look at the possibility that she was turned down for the post when she might have shown intransigence in withdrawing her complaint? Paying her off is ok but we still need to know the truth with these sexual allegations.I look foeward to the day when Bethel is no longer associated with the AGs office and can speak truth and not be muzzled by protocols.Something stinks but the truth shall set Bethel free.

  3. As Much as I think Grant-Bethell is an intelligent women, this action in itself is reason enough for her not to be appointed in any position of authority. Was she willing to let this alleged sexual harassment case go, had she been appointed the DPP?how can she now even work in the Attorney General’s office when she has accused the AG of intimidating her? How can she be entrusted to prosecute any case on behalf of the Crown when she has to go up against the 2 defence attorneys who are now defending her? Why didn’t she hire to QC’s from the outside?can she now stay in the AG’s office to be in a position to undermine the new DPP? Th only solution here and it must come soon, is to relieve Grant-Bethell of her duties and pay her a handsome because the relationship is jeopardising the delivery of service to the Bahamian people.

  4. It is curious however that Sir Michael Barnett has been out of the AG’s office for a while now, yet the case is now just being pursued. Is this a pressure tactic?

  5. Cell telephones can record so watchout for the tape.Sexual harassment on any job is an offence which unfortunately has not been tested yet as even though the expertise is available no case until now has been brought forward.Now we know why an attempt to trash Bethel has begun.Only in the Bahamas are whistleblowers mashed up and accused of everything but being a child of God.Let the explosion begin as much more will be revealed.I have Mrs Bethels back and will defend her against any miscreants.Carl Bethel you better sit this one out.

  6. Unfortunately, SH is not taken seriously here. I wonder if the government, and the Public Corporations even have a Policy on sexual harassment where folk have for decades slept their way to the top. Dr. Donaldson said it best so far: Success and opportunity in this land go too often to friends, family and lovers of those in power and the gate-keepers..

  7. THANKS BP for having the COURAGE to keep your membership INFORMED.As the old cliche states KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.May the WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH BE EXPOSE!!!

  8. BP you warned the PM. Can you imagine thy chief Justice of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas accused of sexual harrassment. I believe this is a first for the judiiary of The Bahamas. Of course we should not rush to judgment, he is only accused,but the fact that he find himself in that situation is embarassing for the judiciary! Itis absolutely distressing!

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