FNM Council Member Mark Humes Support Alfred Sears for Leader of The PLP – WELL WAIT!


Humes would be the prospective opponent in Fort Charlotte – Politics really makes strange bedfellows…


August 8, 2016

Dear Editor,

As a former colleague of Mr. Alfred Sears on the College of The Bahamas Council, let me begin by congratulating him for his modern day attempt to challenge the way leadership politics has been and is being conducted in the Progressive Liberal Party. I am well aware that Mr. Sears had been considering taking on this challenge for some time now, so it is good to see that he is going to follow through on it.

I wish Mr. Sears the very best in his campaign to convince residents of Fort Charlotte, members and delegates of his party, and the Bahamian public – at large – that his track record as a former Member of Parliament, Minister of Education, Attorney General, Chairman of the College of The Bahamas Council, and Attorney-At-Law makes him more valuable than Prime Minister Perry Christie, when considering Mr. Christie’s track record.

I know both will be presenting their respective visions plans, and in keeping their leadership bids civil, I hope that both will solely speak of their track records and tie those records to their ability to get their proposed talking points done, considering the PLP’s track record getting things done, and both candidates’ roles in things either getting done or not getting done during their respective tenures in office as colleagues.

As they share their dreams, I encourage them to demonstrate how their past public utterances have turned into acts that were actually accomplished, so that those making the choice and determining the way forward can do so with accurate records of the lasting benefits on the systems or communities under their care during their service in office.

In a time when our generation is looking for change from the same-old establishment politicians, I am sure the public looks forward to Mr. Sears and Mr. Christie’s presenting the easily verifiable footprints which show that one opponent is and will be more capable than the other when it comes to getting things done; and that the other is – or rest are – more of the same bare-minimum, do nothing, establishment politician that the public is tired of and trying to get rid of.

In the interest of transparency, accountability, and trust, I expect that both men – more than anything – will keep the discussion about their track records not just honorable, but honest.

All the best,

Mark Humes