Dionisio D’Aguilar is the last person an investor should take advice from when it comes to buying shares in Cable Bahamas’ Mobile Provider NewCo…

Dionisio D’Aguilar
Dionisio D’Aguilar

Nassau, Bahamas – Mr. Superwash himself, Dionisio D’Aguilar, a Cable Bahamas shareholder himself, had much to tell the Tribune Business section on July 26th as he echoed the desperate call for cash for the already struggling second mobile license holder, NewCo.

Cable Bahamas needs money and, to raise capital, it has for days now shopped its plan to provide mobile service to customers while attempting to beg URCA to force BTC to allow Cable to use the BTC network. This must be a joke!

As we read how the Laundromat President discusses the technical conversations of what CBL’s new mobile company could be, our mind drifted to the Cable Beach corridor and remembered how this same tide and bleach man sold the Bahamian people and scores of investors a bill of goods on Bahamar before its mighty collapse. D’Aguilar should be the last person CBL gets to speak about any investment in this town.

D’Aguilar was in the newspapers whipping workers, telling locals how they don’t want to work, while in 2013 got his argument across by begging Bahamians to open the floodgates and let in foreign labour to our shores.

This same man, mind you, now speaking for Cable Bahamas’ mobile company, is the same individual who was behind the scenes of the Bahamar deal with China which saw thousands of work permits granted to persons from outside the country, while young smart citizens of the Bahamas could not find work.

And while Bahamar was in trouble, scraping up its few pennies and getting ready to “exterminate” workers after a failed project, it was D’Aguilar who, just a few years before, was up and down on every radio and newspaper telling the world what a savior Sarkis and Bahamar would be to the Bahamas!

If any investor in NewCo ga put their confidence and $25,000 share value in that kind of spokesman, wish ya luck! Just look at the great job that spokesman did for the investors in Bahamar.

From us at BP to Mr. D’Aguilar we say this: When we want to know how to mix bleach in white clothes, we ga call you. When we want to make sure what temperature water to use in washing clothes, we ga call you! When we need to know how much a dryer cost over a washer and the best brand to purchase, we have every confidence in taking your advice.

But when it comes to investing in mobile or some tourism product – keep your opinions in the papers to yourself!

NewCo ain’t gat no money and they want buy minutes from BTC to sell back to me.

We report yinner decide!