FNM facing defeat in North Abaco as Hubert Minnis burst out crying and run to police and wutless media


Police officer tells Minnis “take your cut-hip like a man” – Police throws out bogus death threat claims! Defected FNM accused to have threatened FNM leader!

FNM set for Major defeat in North Abaco!

Ingraham gets cussed out by 70-year-old woman in North Abaco, who told him "You ain't in charge no more carry your &*^!"

Nassau, Bahamas — An ungodly cut-hip is set to be delivered to the Free National Movement, according to the latest polls down in North Abaco coming out today.

BBB Analytics confirms votes in the North Abaco by-election for the PLP will be 2:1 in favour of Renardo Curry. Sources now firmly on the ground tell us, “No matter how Hubert Minnis and the FNM run to the police or the Tribune making bogus claims in the constituency, what they are feeling is the vicious cut-hip the people in North Abaco are set to put on its bad unknown candidate.”

PLP Chairman set to lock-down in North Abaco for Christie's man Renardo Curry.

Monday morning Minnis ran to the press and the police saying someone threatened to kill him, but, since Minnis told Parliament he has an ear problem, the police have dismissed the claim, with some concluding that the Killarney MP has gone delusional.

According to a BP investigation on the matter, a former FNM general who goes by a popular street name told Minnis on Saturday, “Boy, Doc yall ga get beat bad up here. The FNM ga get beat bad. The candidate ga get beat bad and that’s why Papa left for Nassau and is not campaigning up here.”

The former FNM then told Minnis, “The results ga be so bad and you ga get beat so bad, you may not survive!”

The comments so disturbed Minnis that it brought back memories of a deceased FNM Chairman and, as some reported, it caused Minnis to bust out crying as he was washed in tears and sweat.

The former FNM is now a major general for the PLP on the ground in North Abaco and is said to have convinced other major FNM generals to defect towards the PLP.

Abaco residents are reminded how Ingraham brought in a crew of Jamaican Nationals to pull lines for electricity while locals were out of a job and were losing jobs. They remember how, in Abaco, Ingraham took business away from locals and failed to meet with his constituents for years.

One FNM told BP, “We only supported Ingraham on May 7th because he was Prime Minister. He abandoned his party and us and so now we going with Perry Christie and Curry! We are voting for the new generation team of leaders who are set to give North Abaco a New Day.

Sources close to the strategy tell us Government House could have the date for the North Abaco byelection announced before the end of the business day.

We report yinner decide!


    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 16, 2012

    PLP’s Limited Opportunities for Bahamian youth….

    It’s a crying shame this administration has turned a blind eye to the advancement of Bahamian youth today. One would have thought given a record number of youthful candidates this past election that more young persons would have been given prominent roles in top positions within our society.
    The PLP has failed miserably in bringing together the future leaders of this great country there is no mentoring program in place to enrich the minds of our future leaders. There now today exists a huge leadership vacuum in this country. To the point that in 2017 for the first time in 50 years there will not be a Pindling, Christie or Ingraham running for Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. The United States of America had 8 Presidents over the same time period some serving two four year terms.
    We need to encourage the development of new young leaders, those who will shape and influence new laws and policies. This administration has failed to encourage new leaders in business, they have alienated young elected officials, limited their appointments of young cabinet secretaries and drastically reduced government backed scholarships for young aspiring academically inclined Bahamian students.
    This administration has put a stranglehold on mental development. By doing so, young persons within our society will continue to fail at gaining valuable inside perspective on issues facing our great nation. How can Bahamian youth begin to formulate their own developmental plan for success in the absence of assistance? How are they to analyze important leadership concepts in the absence of a good education? How are young intelligent Bahamians able to solve real time problems in the absence of experience? How are they to create an energy charged environment outside the traditional workplace if not mentored to do so?.
    This PLP administration lied to young Bahamians. They deceived many of their supporters including myself at the time, but I have since seen the mountain top. I can now say that there is nothing Liberal about the PLP’s close minded policies. They are the same old party which used new faces to achieve the same old goal.

    Yet they wonder why we lack a value system where teachers teach for life and not for a living. Where lawyers are more concerned with judgeship than justice. Where preachers and priests are more concerned with profiteering than prophesying.
    The Progressive Liberal Party represents a political charade with the promise of no end in sight. If I were to commend the PLP on keeping one promise, it would be they are putting Bahamians first. The same old Bahamians.

  2. I wish that you all would find out the truth and report it. The guy that threatened Mr. Minnis was not even from Abaco. I had the chance to witness how this young mans brother approached Mr. Minnis and Mr. Gomez in Green Turtle Cay and hear him call them Pussies. They have issues and I feel this is why there is so much crime in the Bahamas now. The Police just closes a blind eye. Shame on us.

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