Desperate FNM resorts to lies!

NASSAU| Outgoing Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis has lied for over four years about reforming the electoral process.

He lied and said he wouldn’t call a snap election.

He promised fixed election dates, campaign finance reform and a recall system for non-performing MPs.

He also promised to stomp out corruption.

Yet members of his government were not held accountable for questionable acts. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest resigned in disgrace after being accused of fraud in his private business.

Minister of Youth, Sports And Culture Lanisha Rolle also resigned under a cloud of suspicion after it was revealed she was building a multimillion dollar home in a posh neighborhood.

But the biggest lie of all was that governance under the FNM would be the people’s time.

It was the people’s time to suffer as thousands of ordinary Bahamians lost their jobs and homes while FNM cronies lined their pockets.

The FNM has spent millions of dollars with foreign and local public relations firms to smear the opposition as it seeks a second term.

Since the FNM has no record to run on, it is recycling the same lies that got the party elected in 2017.

The FNM is running the same team but the PLP has a new leader and a new team.

While the FNM continues to recycle old lies, a disgusted populace is getting ready to usher in a new day with the PLP.