FNM Fort Charlotte MP Mark Humes is the latest MP told by PM Minnis he will not get a nomination in the upcoming SNAP ELECTIONS!

FNM Fort Charlotte candidate Mark Humes supports Alfred Sears… WHAT IS DIS?

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is learning FNM MP for Fort Charlotte is the latest MP to get his walking papers from PM Hubert Minnis.

Humes who served only for one term will make way for a new MP for the area. He will not get the nomination for the area and join Peter Turnquest, Brensil Rolle, House Speaker Halson Moultrie and soon to be axed Dr. Duane Sands – ALL WHO WILL NOT GET AN FNM NOMINATION!

The PLP is running Humes’ close friend and buddy Mr. Alfred Sears.

The FNM Party Council has been given the name Percy Roberts owner of Geneva Brass as a potential candidate for the area.

Meanwhile, PM Minnis has sent the GG C. A. Smith out into quarantine to avoid any revolt inside the party.

We report yinner decide!