FNM goons flew in 34 voters last night



<<< Tommy Turnquest, Minister of National Security and head of the Parliamentary Registrar.

Provo, TCI — Two FNM operatives have flown into the capital last evening 34 persons out of Turks Islands to drop votes in Elizabeth this morning.

BP is also reporting an FNM henchmen and bagman could be seen collecting several voters flown in from the US which arrived in the capital late Sunday.

Bahamas Press has forward the names of the two individuals conducting these operations to the minister of national security for a second time yesterday. One of the operatives is a veteran journalist and the other is an employee at a government agency who has been fired several times out of the service for carrying out crooked operations.

Tommy Turnquest has never replied to our concerns, which therefore raises further suspicions.

In a letter sent via email to the minister BP wrote:

Minister, BP alerted you of this potential fraud in the Elizabeth by-election as the minister responsible for Crime and the Parliamentary Register. We in our footnote made you aware of the maneuvers of these two operatives. We understand one had a conversation with you concerning this matter among other things.

We have not had a response from you on this matter nor are we satisfied that either individual have stood down on this matter. BP will be left with no choice but to expose this saga nationally and forward all material information to our international partners and agencies.

Bahamas Press/Editor

BP is monitoring the situation.