PLPs on Motercade

A massive blow to the Hubert Ingraham government came down today. Exit polls in Lizzy confirms Ryan Pinder is declared winner.


  1. Yea very lol and say BIG…… and their poll had ryan 60% mainly plp supporters follow this site. This sight runnin competition with Forbes who is ironically speaking as i write

  2. wooowwww……..this just proves that this site is dishonest and very biased. so sad!

  3. I just posted this on the our story, but meant to put it here.  Not to criticize or anything, but the  tribune are posting unofficial results and those show Sand in the lead.  It would be nice to see your source.

    • I agree with you Mike. BP should have had a separate post up with updated polling numbers as they came in.

  4. hahahah…BP HAS TRULY LOST ALL CREDIBILITY!!!! YEAH RYAN WINNIN..SURE HE IS!!!lol…hahahahahahahahha

  5. You forgot JCN. Jones and Prof Bethel is on and as usual they are hitting the nail on the head!

  6. God is love and mercy! And in the name of jesus LIZZY JUST PISSSSSSSSs ON THAT TORCH!!!!!!COLE!!!!!!

  7. Lol. Media that’s ya last ditch effort to have your man prevail the “firey furnace”….

    I like that, your sticking with him to the “bitter” end..

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