FNM Gov’t passed a traffic law to create lawlessness on the streets

Accident at the foot of Paradis. New changes to the traffic act allows drivers to leave the scene of an accident. file photo.

Nassau, Bahamas – There is enough lawlessness already on the streets of New Providence. There are far too many unlicensed cars on the road. There are certainly far to many illegal drivers behind the wheel here in the capital with all the roads the dig up, but guess what the FNM did? They made it easier for more lawlessness to become a part of the streets of capital yesterday by passing a law which makes it not a crime to leave the scene of an accident before a police shows up. Now get this.

Yesterday in the Parliament the FNM government passed a law, which will make it not an offense for a driver who hit the vehicle of another and leave the scene of that accident before a traffic police arrives. Now, What kind a JACKASS law is that?

The FNM government says it is not the police job to be adjusters for insurance companies. They claim, if Tom hit Jerry at the light, Jerry could just exchange phone numbers and leave the scene of that accident and go on his way. Additionally, there is no need to have an independent assessment of who was right or wrong in the mishap. Could you imagine that confusion this law brings to an already chaotic road situation?

In fact, we believe here is another law designed to allow ILLEGALS to leave the scene of an accident without penalty. Someone hits your car, they have no insurance, no license, is driving the vehicle and is not covered with insurance, yet, we say, the police does not need to come to the scene of the incident? What a way to create more lawlessness on the road. WHAT KIND A JACKASS LAW IS THAT?

Hit a car and leave, the FNM passed a law to let you now do that.

Further, what prohibits one from hitting a car and then giving a bogus name, number and address? All we are doing here is making the road unsafe, creating more frustration among road users and giving the illegal drivers on the road a pass to escape justice.

The law also gives insurers a pass with no recourse to motorists when involved in an accident. How are drivers now to have their claims satisfied? We would await the verdict by insurers following the introduction of this new law. We will further await and see whether they will advise drivers how to now handle a traffic situation when an accident happens, and police fail to show.

People who bring such legislation to Parliament should hang their head down in SHAME! They are not for the progress of the Bahamas and good order of the Commonwealth!



  1. WHAT ABOUT Vehicular homicide (also known as vehicular manslaughter)The laws have the effect of making a vehicle a potentially deadly weapon, to allow for easier conviction and more severe penalties WTH IS THE GOVERNMENT THINKING!!!

  2. I am one of those whose car was hit by a hatian national who didn’t have insurance and no money. I had to pay to get my car fixed which was almost 3,000 I have yet to paid for this the police report came back and found him in the wrong but it made no difference…..they had no address for him nor no telephone number and because he was unconscious on the scene of the accident I never got to speak to him. This law will make it even worse to claim from the insurance companies.

  3. a RBD seaman lady hit my car give me her home and work number i was calling her for the past year her mother hang the phone up on me, this spell trouble on the street. b/c if someone hit my car and try leave some chit will go down.this woman who name rhyme with domonique from pinwood drive yet to fix or pay for my car. but she could find the time to be on face book these the people we have enforcing our laws she should be a shame. as a mother with kids doing a bunch a chit but i will embarrass her ‘no good ass’. sooner than later.

  4. I think the FNM government came up with this law to protect the illegal immigrants who they know are driving around on our street without the proper documentations.

  5. I grew up and took note of people not passing their driver’s test yet saying that they bought a driver’s licence. I wondered how they were able to go about doing whatever they wanted to do without anything thought of what would happen if they ended up into trouble noting that paying their way out of situations meant nothing to a corrupt way of life.
    I had pulled to the side of the street to put on my safety seat belt, parked the car and while hearing a screeching car noted that a female across the street had captured the attention of the driver that slammed into the back knocking me unconscious. When I regained consciousness the male driver said that he was looking at the girl and gave me his phone number. Turns out I had a whiplash was off from work for weeks and he never paid a dime to resolve that matter. I forgive him and those police officers who never thought about sewing seeds that reap a harvest in their own lives. Now a law passed to authorize more of this is pure madness. The Bahamas is sending those who expect better away from it and now it is clear why a man was packing his family to leave saying things will not get better only worst because no one seems to see the silly measures put in place. I guess Bermuda was what I had expected the Bahamas to reflect only now to see it is becoming more and more a banana republic.

  6. There’s nothing wrong with the law. The problem is us as a people. I agree that this law will probably create lawlessness…but really it shouldn’t. Two mature people resolving a fender-bender without the intervention (and inconvenience) of the police is reasonable…it makes sence. But we are such a lawless people that we need to have big brother monitoring our every move…sad.

    • I totally agree with you, why can’t we become responsible? We have become so used to being spoon fed and dependent on others for so long….when are we going to see that we have to do our part? We blame the government (any one) for everything! crime, unemployment…..who don’t want to work? Our children! who shooting and stabbing up one another? Our children having children, and you know it,,they are get pregnant and living in the same house with you! Come on man…let’s do our part and become responsible and law abiding citizens! Peace

  7. They might as well make it legal, the police already do very little to assist. I am right now trying to track down someone who was charged with the cause of my car being hit, her insurance will not cover it and i haven’t been able to reach her as yet, had to fix my own car. How could you be so stupid,exchange information? Wow!!!!!!!!! My name is Dr. Who? lol, let’s get serious bahamas, all i see is more murder’s, that is a mess.

  8. Where can I find Utopia for which this outgoing FNM Govt speaks?Who among them visited that place and convinced the majority to support asinine legislation?Am ashamed of the Govt for adding another piece of lawlessness to our streets?Why doesn,t this Govt just ring the bell so that we can fire them?Obviously the Govt is so very much out of touch with the realities of the streets.Every accident will be deemed by thugs to just be a fender bender,to the helpless chagrin of a fearful and helpless public.

  9. This batch of legislation (like the seat belt law)was drafted on the advice of the insurance companies and their friends in Parliament,and is being pushed through to enable increased profits for the insurance industry.
    Note that the Road Act insurance is being eliminated and replaced by the Third Party insurance.
    The insurers are not legally bound to honor any claim not reported and investigated by Road Traffic, and those poor saps who shake hands with others after a fender bender will find their premiums and deductibles skyrocketing.
    This will force vehicle owners to pay higher premiums(which will be increased at the whim of the insurance companies).
    This is nothing more than another FNM special interest cash grab…..

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