FNM government is composed of a motley collection of liars, dissemblers and propagandists who tell the boldest faced lies….


The Editor
Bahamas Press, 7 th June,2021.

Dear BP.

Although Bahamians remain divided on many issues the one thing which unites us is the firm belief that the FNM government is composed of a motley collection of liars, dissemblers and propagandists who tell the boldest faced lies they have ever seen.

Indeed, it has now got to the point where some of the statements being made are so easily refutable, so verifiably and unquestionably false, that you must presume that the people making them know that. Yet they continue on their merry way trying to confuse us, give us false hope and treat us like ignorant fools. 

In their most recent foray, the minister of health proclaimed that 120,000 vaccinated Bahamians will achieve” herd immunity”. Persons who follow the research on Covid-19 know that this was a gross misrepresentation by the minister and must have scratched their heads in wonder at his statement.

Here is what the former minister of health had to say on the minister’s statement “While Minister of Health Renward Wells said 120,000 people in The Bahamas must be vaccinated against COVID-19 to reach herd immunity, former Minister of Health Dr. Duane Sands said he believes the true number is double that.

“Around the world, I think everybody is trying to get to this very elusive threshold of roughly 80 percent of adults,” Sands said. “If we do a back-of-the-napkin arithmetic calculation, we probably have about 300,000 adults [and] 80 percent of them is, let’s say, 240,000 or so. So, I think we are quite a way off from that number.

“I’m not 100 percent sure whether the minister of health in his comments was suggesting an additional 120,000. I’m not sure, but I think we really need to get, in terms of adults, about a quarter of a million people vaccinated.”

So why did the minister of health make such a verifiably false statement? Simple you always need a bigger lie to cover up all the other lies told to us by this incompetent, tarnished and morally bankrupt FNM government; Wells is now repaying the piper.

The government’s management of the Covid-19 pandemic was a shambles from the very start. They have made so many missteps and poor decisions that we have lost count of their incompetence.

Like a perceived narcissist, the PM has plunged us from one disaster to the next and along the way disparaged our health professionals, decimated out economy, but thousands of Bahamians on the breadlines, failed to account for the billions of borrowed and hundreds of thousands of dollars donated and used police as an instrument of repression against us then, in true Trumpian style, tell us it is all our fault.

Rather than displaying some modicum of leadership and focusing on mitigating the disastrous effects of the many catastrophes caused by FNM incompetence and mismanagement, the government instead focused on borrowing billions; engaging in nepotism and cronyism on an industrial scale; awarding no bid contracts to their boys and girls; attempting to stack the judiciary with persons who may no be seen as independent; abusing the rights of Bahamians while catering to their wealthy backers and FNM devotees; and engaging in acts and associations which many perceive as corrupt.

This is a government that is totally inept as we saw from their so-called budget. They are living in a dreamworld while we are living a daily nightmare.

They refuse well considered advice, they refuse to recognise the dangerously precarious position of our economy, they believe that additional borrowings are okay, and they see right thinking Bahamians as the enemy not concerned citizens with rights.

Yet they are continually telling us that all is well. Prime Minister all is not well. Just look around you and see the messes and hardship you have created because of your ignorance and arrogance and tell me if you believe your own lies.

Michael J. Brown