FNM hears nothing on Duane Sands and Marvin Dames from Prime Minister as promised at GB rally


PM Minnis failed FNMs and Grand Bahamians in his promise to address Duane Sands and Marvin Dames! Minnis flew in 50 FNMs from Nassau to make up the GB Rally!

FNMs on Grand Bahama disappointed by PM MOST HONOURABLE EVER as he failed to address jobs and investments much needed for Grand Bahama. PM Minnis came taking about the PLP!

Freeport| After telling the Bahamian people he will address the scandal involving two judicially condemned Cabinet Ministers while in Grand Bahama, PM Most Honourable Ever Hubert Minnis had nothing new to tell Grand Bahamians about Marvin Dames and Duane Sands.

With just under 100 persons sitting inside the FNM headquarters in Freeport on Friday evening – with half of those having been flown in from Nassau – PM Minnis was mute on the scandal now engulfing his government!

Both Ministers corruptly involved themselves with a woman [with Sands having collected a campaign donation], abusing their high public office to make contact with a witness who told a court she was being used.

Both Marvin Dames and Duane Sands took their actions further when they both met with that witness, Barbara Hanna, to discuss a lie against former PHA Chairman Frank Smith.

Barbara Hanna told the court she not only did not know why she was in court, but added that she felt she was being used in the process. It wasn’t long after that when BP broke the story revealing how Duane Sands [which we later discovered was done without any Cabinet approval, and without the knowledge of the Public Hospitals Authority Board] corruptly granted Hanna’s bid for a $1.8 million contract, even though the witness was not current with her taxes and licenses with the Government. The PHA ordered an investigation but to this day those findings have vanished under the Government of Transparency and Accountability! This crew is worse than the Nixon Presidency!

Imagine that! After suggesting for years that he will uphold the integrity of the Office of Prime Minister, PM Minnis has now been found wanting, protecting criminal behaviour, and clueless at the centre of one of the biggest scandals in the history of the country! This is unbelievable!

It involves two Cabinet Ministers who used their power and influence to abuse public money by agreeing to pay a witness, forcing her against her will to show up to police to be coached in the lie! This is serious and, to use to the words and language of the Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson Pratt, most “egregious”, as she condemned the actions of both sitting Cabinet Ministers.

And, although the nation waited on the comments of PM Most Honourable Ever, Grand Bahamians got nothing from the PM on the issue as he promised just days earlier while he promoted his event! FNMs got nothing! Bahamians got another celebration by clowns as the world awaits this scandal to unfold one page at a time.

Meanwhile, opposition members, who have expressed their outrage by the actions of the Ministers and the ruling of the courts, have now gone a step further and they boycotted Parliament. Having suspended their boycott of Parliament on Tuesday over the issue, Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis has now written to he Secretaries General of the Commonwealth and CARICOM, formally bringing this egregious issue to the attention of the international community.

The world is watching and BP is writing!

We report yinner decide!

A room of less than 100 with 50 having flown to Grand Bahama for Minnis Rally last week Friday. Grand Bahamians are not feeling the FNM!