FNM John “John” Saunders shot himself after he saw the motorcade of the PLP on BIMINI


Saunders has been airlifted to New Providence without providing police with a statement…How did he get a handgun?

Alice Town Bimini

NASSAU| A bunch of troll FNM supporters was sent to BP pages to dismiss the deadly incident outside the Yamacraw Headquarters Tuesday night where an FNM supporter stabbed a PLP. It was the country’s 81st homicide incident on record.

Now everyone wants to dismiss the story that the men stood on opposite sides of the political divide. So let us share what happened on Bimini on Monday night which few are discussing.

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis rolled into Bimini for a rally where only 50 persons attended – including the group travelling with the PM added in that number.

The stop was a waste of time and resources as PLPs organized massive motorcade within minutes of the PM’s arrival. But, following the lil meeting a the wave of PLPs drove through the streets. FNM supporter John “John” Saunders attempted to fire a weapon into the air, but being intoxicated he shot himself in the leg with his own gun.

He was taken to the local clinic and later airlifted off the island for treatment with a life-threatening wound.

How did John John get a handgun? Is it licensed? Was he there to harm someone? He refused to give police a statement on how his injuries happened. 

But these are some serious times. Election is in the air. Some people are desperate and do not want to relinquish power! Some would resort to violence because of deep political hate!

We ga say this again. Avoid confrontations in this season. Stay prayed up and plead the blood of JESUS! John John has a handgun and police ain’t placed this FNM under arrest yet! Let that did be one PLP!

Vote early and go home to ya bed until you hear the results. Some will not be able to leave the bathroom following Thursday’s results. Pray. Stay CALM! And tell the Minnis Government SO LONG BYE BYE! DEY GERN HOME!!!

We report yinner deicde!