FNM Joker’s Wild Statement issued today proves “They just ain’t get it yet!”


Poor showing for the FNM at the Labour Day parade.

FNM Chairman: Christie not focused on Crime and Unemployment

June 6, 2012

(Response to Christies’ Nassau Guardian interview)

We in the FNM are shocked that Prime Minister Perry Christie has time to comment on the internal affairs of the FNM while more Bahamians are being laid off, while crime is out of control and routine Government services like garbage collection cannot be delivered.

Instead of speculating on what is happening in the FNM, Perry Christie and his Cabinet should be about the urgent business of solving our economic and social problems.

Dr. Hubert Minnis is the undisputed leader of our party having been unanimously elected in Convention.

While Christie is under pressure from his Deputy, Brave Davis, and the other contenders for leadership, Obie Wilchcombe and Jerome Fitzgerald, our leader enjoys the full support of all MPs and party officers.

We note that on the day of the passing of a PLP Steward Councilor, it was Brave Davis who issued a statement of condolences and not Prime Minister Christie. Mr. Davis unbridled ambition to be Leader of the PLP and Prime Minister is what Mr. Christie should be concerned about and even the 1,500 plus Steward Councilors will not be able to save him from Brave Davis and his extensive party network.

Prime Minister Christie would be well advised to stay out of the affairs of the FNM party of which he is clueless.


Boy Charlie we want know where you are appearing next, cause this gata be a skit at the Dundas!