FNM Lapdog Richard Johnson set to face high-powered lawyers for his words!

FNM Lapdog Johnson

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is sending a warning to FNM lapdog Richard Johnson who has taken delight to wage an unholy war on the leaders of the PLP.

The lapdog of the FNM recently was in a big fight at the FNM Golden Isles candidate who will lose his seat whenever the next election is called.

Johnson though after taking shots at incoming PM and PLP Leader Davis has now began his barks on the incoming Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper.

You should know Johnson was recently brought to court for his statements against the senior PLP but with the help and assistance of high-up in the AG Office, who cannot win one case these days, the matter has been withdrawn.

Johnson should know that COOPER has now engaged the services of high-powered lawyers to commence a private action against the FNM LAPDOG!

We want lapdog Johnson to know the real war begins here and we at Bahamas Press will not sit silent with your lies and attacks on the incoming leaders of the Bahamas.

It ain’t long nah!

We report yinner decide!