FNM Leaders break off running and go mute as questions involving the Letter of Intent arise at Press Conference!


FNMs refuse to reveal the details of that Letter of Intent Signing by Renward Wells!

Nassau, Bahamas – FNM Leadership break-off running as questions on the Letter of Intent come….The Cloud of Secrecy now Involving the Free National Movement INTENSIFIES over the matter…

Nassau, Bahamas – A complete and absolute meltdown occurred in the Free National Movement Press Conference this afternoon after the party leadership break-off running as questions were put involving the scandalous Letter of Intent involving Leader of Opposition Business and MP for Bamboo Town Renward Wells.

Wells, who at the time served as Parliamentary Secretary in the Christie Government, signed a Letter of Intent for Stellar Waste to Energy without any knowledge or authority of the Christie Government.

Since the revelations this week that the Letter of Intent signed by Mr. Wells was shorter and was not one on file in the government, the Opposition MP has evaded questions.

Some believe the move by Dr. Hubert Minnis, who has a question on the floor of the Parliament, has now hurt the FNM, which appears to not seek to advance the matter.

Bahamians though are not stupid. Just how some are demanding the release of the details of Bahamar’s new deal, many more are also asking the FNM to tell all and release all and have Renward Wells say all about just what knowledge he had when signing the $650,000 research study in the Letter of Intent deal with Stellar Waste to Energy. Bahamians have a right to know!

We report yinner decide!