FNM Leadership Candidates: Removing the Halloween Masks  



NASSAU| Happy Halloween BP loyal readers! It’s trick or treat day and since the Freeloading National Morons have provided the tricks for the past four and a half years, we here at BP have decided to provide the TREAT for you today. 

As you all are aware, the FNM’s Convention to choose a new leader is coming up in 27 days. Those days will go by quickly so BP decided to let the world know who the candidates really are. Masks off!!

Yes! On Halloween Day, we have decided to REMOVE the masks from these culprits. We know we always say, “WE REPORT! YINNER DECIDE!”, and still give yinner the answer. But, today we are going to REALLY let yinner decide who is who from the descriptions we are about to give. 

The FNM has three Grand Bahamians running for leader of the party. We can only guess that the Nassauvians didn’t qualify to run for leader because they does lie and they contract friendly,

Before we start our GUESSING GAME, we are going to remind you of who the candidates are. They are listed below:

Michael Pintard – The expected winner who is a bit like Minnis, but nicer
Iram Lewis – A Minnisite with plenty secrets
Kwasi Thompson – Less likely to win and like his name must be “CWAZY” to even be running. 
GAME RULES – There they are folks! The entire Motley Crew! Now here’s where the fun starts. We are going to give you the grits on each of them and YOU be the one to match the grits to the candidate’s name. 

BONUS – Stutter Bully Carl Culmer is gearing up to run for Chairman again in February. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS??!!!

DISCLAIMER: BP wants the public to know we have no horse in the FNM’s leadership race and we are happy to inform you that members of the Freeloading National Morans provided this information on the candidates, yet they want to talk about infighting in the PLP. WHAT IS DIS!!!???

Description #1 – Guy Smiley started off running for a career, but it was discovered what they were “running from”. Closet sissy boy who gets angry when he has to fake it with his second wife. Several women  have reported him to be odd because he always asks to wear their underwear during sexual encounters while changing his voice pattern to sound like a woman. Undercover sissy and undercover wife beater! Ask the first, glamorous wife, why she had to “run” for her life and away from him. 

Don’t mind the campaign of this one to be leader, Minnis is behind him and will show up to offer himself as leader two years from now. That’s the plan in that camp. Half of Minnis’ supporters are campaigning for this one. 

Description #2 – Dishonest Attorney who has several cases where client’s money has gone missing. FNM supporters are set to reject this one not only because he is so boring, but they didn’t take lightly to him gooseying Minnis to give his wife a government job when many loyal supporters were left with nothing. 

Furthermore he bungled government finances when he was elevated in the party, by his cousin Minnis, to a position of influence. This bungling is now being discovered and reported by New Day Chief, Hon. Philip “Brave” Davis. 

This is Minnis’ second horse in the leadership race, since the party has made it clear that he cannot run for leader. FNMs are expecting “Cry Baby Sour Lime” Minnis to bawl his eyes out some more when this one loses. BP wonders when Minnis cries this time if he will say, “I am a hopeless narcissist and das why I does lie so much”?

Description #3 – This one was a street philosopher in his former life. He shaved his head and went from place to place barefoot quoting Confucius and some other fellows’ mystical words. FNM informants are not too sure if it was mental illness, drugs or he was just too smart for himself, but they swear by the street walking report. 

Seems like, after this guy cleaned up his act, he decided to become an introvert, only letting in those in his tiny circle. Described as an oddball, this one can have access to tens of millions of dollars in a minute. That in itself makes Minnis crazy. This one is NOT being backed by Minnis.

Now you have the descriptions of the candidates, match them to their names. This is the best General Knowledge quiz anyone can have. MORE FIRE!!!

Regardless of who the FNMs choose as their leader at their convention, the party is doomed for failure if THAT IS WHAT THEY HAVE TO CHOOSE FROM.

Thank God for the first five years of a New Day. This country has some HOPE!!