FNM Minister Impregnates Daughter of Long Time Sweetie…


Ministers tell young 23-year-old mother not to kill his baby….

NASSAU| BP is confirming that a very senior Cabinet Minister has impregnated a young woman he gave a job to on a candidate’s behalf.

The long eyed, long toothed Cabinet Minister is known for his arrogance and the growing contempt the public has for him.

The young girl, who lives in an area over-the-hill went to the FNM candidate for the area and said she would give him a vote if he found her a job. 

The candidate went to the senior Cabinet Minister and asked for the girl to be placed in a government agency that deals with over-the-hill and his wishes were granted immediately.

The girl was employed on contract within two weeks of her request. Shortly after that, BP can confirm, the senior Cabinet Minister went campaigning with the candidate and went to the home of the girl. There the candidate introduced her to the “big time man” who showed a liking to her instantaneously.

When all the campaigners left the young girls porch, the senior Cabinet Minister stayed making da play. What is dis??!!

Neighbours in the area can confirm seeing the heavily marked black car, that clearly says who the rider is, parked outside the little four room house over the hill that the young girl and her little boy lives in.

It didn’t take the senior Cabinet Minister long to strike gold as the young girl is now pregnant and she is telling her friends and people on the job that the baby is his own and he told her not to get rid of it.

BP finds this interesting as the Cabinet Minister knows how to get rid of babies, so he must be in love with whatever she gat. What in the hell is dis??!!

BP wants to know if an over-the-hill woman is going to bring down the government or will it be the wife of the senior Cabinet Minister when she finds out. Dis ga be long!!!

Now get this, the same Cabinet Minister used to sweetheart the girl’s mother who is a nurse’s assistant at PMH. This same PMH woman brags around the hospital how she still gets things from him and she still gat what he wants.

The young girl told her PMH mother she is pregnant for her long lost sweetie and the mother erupted in violent anger and shame, rang up the Cabinet Minister and called him everything but a child of God. She should have asked Rev. Johnson to talk dis one!!

The slack, raw dogging Cabinet Minister has gotten a loose mouth young girl pregnant on the verge of an election and the girl is the daughter of his hospital worker ex-sweetie. You would believe these things only happen in the movies, eh? What is dis??!!

While the 23 year old girl is proud to be pregnant with her second child – this one for the senior man, her mother does not find any of this funny and vows to go to the Cabinet Minister’s wife with her daughter to spill the beans. Well BP is going with her to catch the full details. Keep following.

This government is doing nothing, but sweethearting and giving out $30,000.00 a month contracts and jobs while they do it. 

BP once again warns yinna to go register!! Go register now!!! Time is Short!

We report!! Yinner decide!!