FNM Misogyny, Incorrigibility and Unrepentance Revealed


The Editor
Bahamas Press
1st December 2021

Dear BP.,

The FNM never ceases to amaze Bahamians at how duplicitous and disingenuous they are. Not only are they poor examples of how human beings should behave towards others but clear, irrefutable evidence of what happens to a country when incompetent, heartless, lying, and handpicked sycophants gain the reins of power and are placed in positions for which they have no qualifications. As the tsunami of revelations of FNM fiscal irresponsibility, gratuitous nastiness and misogyny continues we realize just how close we were brought to destruction by a government which never had the best interests of the Bahamian as a priority. Their priorities were and always will be their friends, lovers, political financiers, and privileged foreigners to whom they scrape and bow and owe allegiance.

Now that they have been removed from office, they sit and sulk on the backbenches being childish and disruptive and giving themselves credit for the good things that are evolving under the PLP. Recall that I recently wrote on this matter and said “But we should not be surprised at this foolishness. After all this was the same behaviour their forerunners the UBP engaged in after their stunning defeat in 1967. In 1967 the Hon. Arthur Foulkes (later Sir Arthur Foulkes, Governor General) remarked “It turns their souls to see us in power” said Foulkes “They would prefer to bring everything down in this country with them.” And, in the same debate the late Hon. Clarence Bain observed “They sit over there day after day cackling and chuckling. It’s amazing to see mighty men fall and grasp at little things.”

So, one cannot expect anything different from this discredited grouping who despite all their warts and allegations of corruption now come to us with a so-called fresh group of politicians some of whom have profoundly serious baggage to shoulder.

As to the new FNM grouping their party has shown once more that they have a large tent; large enough to accommodate all the alleged domestic violence perpetrators, friends of alleged hit men, grifters, misogynists and persons who are staggering under the weight of alleged malfeasance in office and appear to be particularly thin skinned.

These are the same individuals who in this month when we struggle to discuss and deal with gender-based violence and crime against our children appear to be verbally attacking our females in parliament, especially the speaker.

The Acting Prime Minister Glenys Hanna-Martin also appears to have awakened a particularly nasty, noisy FNM demon. The discredited, surviving, FNM MPs, engaged in self-serving interruption after interruption during her presentation but nothing could hide the naked truth which is, they have much to answer for either in the house or at another, less friendly venue.
Nothing good can come from the remnants of a once proud political party if they continue their suicidal charge towards well deserved self-destruction.

Nothing good will come of any leadership change because as a group FNMs are a haughty, arrogant, unrepentant, incorrigible misogynistic group. Truth be told, some persons should be seeking legal counsel rather than making asinine noises online and launching nasty personal attacks on government officials our female politicians and others.


Michael J. Brown