FNM National Convention set to be announced for November 2020, sources confirm!

PM Minnis and Minister Duane Sands

NASSAU| The power block in the Free National Movement is set to announce its National Convention for this coming November 2020.

BP is learning the four horsemen of the apocalypse, which biblically symbolizes Conquest, War, Famine, and Death, and inside the FNM which carries the spirits of Dishonesty, Corruption,  Lying and Stealing, are set to ride out and spread the word that it “ain’t long nah”!

Sources deep inside the party confirmed tonight that, “a National Convention of the Free National Movement will take place this coming November 2020.”

The source said Prime Minister The Most Hon. Hubert Minnis will lead the party into the next convention and into the next General Election. 

The party’s last National Convention was held on July 27th, 2016, when then Long Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner attempted to challenge Party Leader Hubert Minnis.

It is a constitutional requirement for the party to hold a national convention every two years. And when the governing party gathers there will be constitutional amendments advanced.

Already movements are being done on behalf of the leader, and we can report senior officers and former MPs are also meeting on a daily basis to become emerged in party politics!

A hardcore PM Minnis supporter and FNM Association Member said, “… when we have this convention, we will do it right. This will be the first national convention as the Government and we want to display our many achievements since coming to office. 

“We also need to remind the people of the Bahamas where we met the Bahamas when we took office in 2017. And, as we unveil our plans, our great esteemed leader will chart the way into the new Bahamas post COVID-19/Dorian. 

“We organize to support our visionary government. Yes, the times are rough but look how our good decent leader is feeding the hungry and clothing the naked. We are delivering unprecedented support through our agencies to help Bahamians. Yes, it is hard but look how wonderful our leader has managed the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Meanwhile, a former Cabinet Minister who was high up in the Ingraham Administration said, “We are coming for our things and our party before the FNM and the country is sunk deep into the Tongue of The Ocean. 

“I am FNM and I know Sir Cecil is rolling over in his grave to witness how we are suffering and are NOT FREE AT LAST! He would have long rallied and organized our great party to get rid of this visionless, rank incompetence wrapped in dishonesty; which is like a cancer in the FNM right now!

“We need new leadership and we need leadership with experience. A leader with institutional wisdom on how to run a country! We don’t need a Prime Minister who will LIE and mislead Parliament! We need a leader who is not suffering from a lying virus, refusing to tell us the true death toll on Abaco and Grand Bahama. The country is headed in the wrong direction and everyone in my household is presently unemployed. So I welcome the news of a National Convention and this time – this event will be THE PEOPLE’S TIME!”

We report yinner decide!