FNM PR Meltdown continues – Thousands of election material sabotaged by an angry FNM


Could you tell us what is wrong with this cup?

If ya don’t laugh you will cry!

BP sources deep within the Free National Movement Party tell a very painful story of the implosion of the Party and Government, starting with Hubert Ingraham and Neko Grant’s disastrous handling of the New Providence Road Works with an astounding cost overrun of almost One Hundred Million Dollars ($100,000,000:00) and the resulting benefits received by Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette’s company Bahamas Hotmix Ltd., all of which will be placed on the backs of the low and middle income Bahamians to repay.

In the meantime, large donations from companies like Bahamas Hotmix Ltd. are funding the FNM election campaign.

BP exclusive source has now disclosed that everything the FNM Government and Party touches turns out to be a disaster.

FNM party paraphernalia currently housed in a Building on East Shirley Street owned by Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette for the FNM Easter Monday Propaganda day is all messed up and Hubert Ingraham is dead mad.

BP can disclosed that the printing on the paraphernalia of giveaways of Mugs, Water Bottles, Bags, Flappers and are all embossed with the letters FMN.

IF YA Don’t laugh you will Cry…The Lord indeed works in a mysterious way.

The truth of the matter is FMN means: Frustrated Messy Nation which reflects the current serious Mess the FNM Government has gotten the Bahamas into.

Hubert Ingraham, try as you may with all of your propaganda, the Bahamian People have decided it’s time to roll you and your lame duck Government out.

We report YINNER Decide!