FNM promised to cancel Carnival if they ever regain power!


Bahamas Carnival experience truly brought the Bahamas together as ONE!

Nassau, Bahamas — The jury is still out following the Carnival Weekend on New Providence that rocked the world; setting Bahamian culture on fire and is now being branded as “EPIC”!

The event was utterly electric. Powerfully and masterfully executed, it has, without a shadow of a doubt, left the naysayer paralyzed with confused thought and reflection, pondering deep within the walls of their minds: “How in the hell we ga stop this thing Christie has now unleashed to the people!”

Carnival 2015 was indeed a cultural experience that will go down into the annals of Bahamian history. Caribbean talent joining the event described it with deep emotion and satisfaction. International writers dubbed it as the “Best Carnival they have ever witnessed anywhere in the world!” Private businesses confirmed that it was the best bump in business they have seen since the holidays and, if you don’t believe, just ask the operators of Burns House, who ran out of beer at the festival before the event ended! Or better yet, check out McDonalds on Thompson Boulevard, which ran out of all drinks following the ‘ROAD Fever’ event, depleting their supplies into Sunday morning. THIS WAS EPIC!

Far from the thought that Carnival would not be a presentation of Bahamian talent, the facts proved that it is and was indeed everything Bahamian in every form and expression. There were stages running for hours presenting a kaleidoscopic array of musical and cultural genres from Abaco in the north to MICAL in the South; with talents being paid for their artistry and awarded cash prizes and exposure to the world via the powerful recording company Sony.

For some, more particularly the leader of the opposition and those opposed to the vision, it was ‘political suicide’ to suggest Carnival 2015 was anything but a cultural explosion which ran through the veins of the nation. The FNM has promised to cancel Carnival if they ever regain the trust of the electorate! This dumb and silly statement by those opposing the idea was expected! They clearly had not expected the wide participation by the same electorate who enjoyed themselves early into the wee hours of the morning! Those opposing prayed for rain. They gathered men of the cloth to help them pray – but not a drop would fall from the sky. How sad those opposing the idea were.

This new high now being enjoyed by artists in the country must now be taken to the next level. It proves that Bahamian culture is indeed not stagnant but is now being expanded and propelled globally! We are ready to have the chance to present Bahamian music as the next big thing the world has ever seen. Why we should let anyone stop it is the big question!

Bahamian musical talents have now been released to fly high by Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie; and from every walk of life we came together for the first time powerfully in one place to support a ‘ONE Bahamas’ through cultural artistry! No individual or political organization should be allowed to shoot down a marvelous, spectacular and superb celebration like Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival!

See you next year on da ROAD!

We report yinner decide!