FNM Punch “RAG-SHEET” sings for its supper as PM Minnis controls the tabloid like a lapdog to attack his colleagues and political opponents…


PM Minnis sends FNM “rag-sheet” Punch after BP as he did Peter Turnquest! – The Mighty Punch reduced to Minnis low rag-sheet Lapdog! DESE PEOPLE GATS NO DAMN SHAME!

PM Minnis and Punch Editor plotting against his Cabinet Colleagues


NASSAU| Atlantis has suffered one virus case. A casino worker tested positive. He was not allowed to enter the work-place. And he was put in quarantine for at least 14 days.

Atlantis bosses have implemented strict health safety rules and protocols to keep the Chinese virus at bay.  But the PLP website cretins want to keep the economy in crisis and workers jobless. The plot is to undermine the FNM Govt in the hope that the PLP wins the election.

Then, the greedy PLPs can get their oink-oink snouts back in the trough—and ride the PLP Govt crony contracts gravy train and raid the cookie jar coffers! 

What you expect from pig but grunt! The all-for-me-baby PLPs don’t care about the well-being of Atlantis staff and workers in general. But the sabotaging of the already crippled economy by deliberate lies and fake news is an act of high treason against the state.

And high treason is still on the books as punishable by hanging! They better be careful in case that draconian law is enforced to deal with the treasonous PLP site’s traitors! So, heads might roll for true at the PLP website. And they can’t complain because freedom of speech does not permit the intentional and deliberate spreading of fake news and libelous and defamatory stories. 

Peter Turnquest

A close relative of a late editor of a Daily Dinosaur heads the poisonous PLP website. But the chief and paymaster of the site is a senior PLP MP. He refers to the site as his “dirty ops squad”. The head of the site used to work in the photos dark room.  Now he practises the dark art of malicious lies & fake news.

BP EDITORIAL: The Mighty Punch reduced to Minnis low rag-sheet Lapdog! WELL WAIT!

Punch first broke the story to the nation.