FNM Senator held at CID for questioning….

Sen. John Bostwick

Police makes inquiry on Senator tonight

Nassau, Bahamas — A major developing story is breaking tonight where we at Bahamas Press can confirm a member of the Opposition is being detained by police.

BP is live right now at an UNDISCLOSED location where we can report Senator Hon.  John Bostwick II has been taken into custody by police.

BP cannot confirm what the nature of the arrest is, however we can confirm the matter is listed as “Serious” according to our sources.

Bahamas Press can also confirm senior executives of the top brass of the force, including top political leaders of the country, are being alerted to this major breaking development.

Again, Bahamas Press cannot confirm the nature of the inquiry by police but we know it is listed as “Serious” according to our sources.

Bostwick has served in the Senate since 2012, when he replaced former Senator Zhivargo Laing. He was a candidate for the FNM in Bains and Grants Town and was solidly beaten by Senior PLP MP Dr. B. J. Nottage.

Bostwick is the son of former opposition Leader J. Henry Bostwick and Former Minister for Foreign Affairs and Attorney General Janet Bostwick, the first woman to  be elected to the Parliament.

Again, present FNM Senator John Bostwick is at this hour under an inquiry by the police.

What in da hell is dis?

We report yinner decide!

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