FNM Staffing Urban Renewal Centres with Campaign Generals?


Nassau, Bahamas — We here at BP find it appalling to see the level of deceit of this Wutless FNM Government. If what we are hearing is true, we cry shame on them to pry on the poor and the downtrodden for election purposes.

Sources are reporting to us say that in certain areas that the FNM has targeted to win in the upcoming general elections, Urban Renewal Offices are being opened and populated with campaign Generals and FNM goons. These areas include but not limited to St. Thomas Moore, Pinewood Gardens and even Bamboo Town where the incumbent is a sitting FNM MP. Bran McCartney is said to be targeted by his own party.

We cry shame to see how low the FNM would go, they are said to be targeting poor people who need help with rent, light, water and grocery. They would then have these people pledge to vote and support the FNM. The FNM has anointed one of the “Yellow Brigades” to contest the seat in St. Thomas More ( Mango-skinned Women, who form the core of Ingraham’s inner Sanctum) to contest that seat.


In Pinewood Gardens, the FNM has now put the Urban Renewal Office in the very same building as the headquarters for Byron Woodside. It is being said that information may have or is still being shared on people from the Urban Renewal program with the Goons and Generals of Byron Woodside. We share the picture of the offices side by side for our readers.

We have now unleashed Field Marshalls in all of these areas targeted by the FNM and will report our findings to you our readers in short order.

We implore all of our readers to go and register today and encourage your friends and family to do the same. We cry shame on this Wutless, Heartless Uncaring Government. A resident of Pinewood said to BP, “How could they seemingly fire people from ZNS including people with cancer on the one hand, and staff up these Urban Renewal Offices with Goons and Cronies on the other hand?”

Pinewood Urban Renewal Office and The FNM headquarters all in one.


  1. It is unfortunate that gossip and heresay is the order of the day, while the reality is, people are hurting, hungry, destitute and suffering. Urban Renewal a neutral entity (not owned by the PLP), funded by the government, serves to assist persons in the community who have basic needs.

    Unlike what is being suggested, or should I say charged, the FNM is not self-serving or using these centres for personal gain. In fact, I find it ironic that we even mention these centres as so many have claimed that they are ineffective and closed. Yes, closed centres providing food for the hungry and paying bills. I guess they are fully operational.

    Lets stop being childish so that they poor doesnt have to suffer due to our petty politics.

  2. Why do people try to justify the actions of the FNM by saying “The PLP did it too!”. Cmon, the PLP is not in power the FNM is.

  3. when in power all the data collected was used in the most political way all over the bahamas by the PLP. political meetings was held in every office. so lets be real, peter is no better than paul….im voting for Castro

  4. I really is soo amazing how the PLPs can say that the FNM are using the centers for their FNM generals, If I can remember correctly it was the PLP that started the Urbunal, So why did they not put their people in place at these various centers but they didn’t like they always do. Late again. Now claiming please GO SIT YOU”LL BACKSIDE DOWN and shut the hell up. You’ll had enough time and what you’ll do nothing like you’ll always. BIG HAIRY DONKEYS. Why you’ll speak on Arawak Homes on pushing down homes and church speak on that issue, Stop speaking on these issues that doesn’t make any sense at all.
    I voted for you’ll in the last election,I will not support again especailly when you’ll keep sending these good for nothing lazy man to ran in St. Thomas More. The worst area and what the PLP did for that area for over the years people have been voting for you;ll,. The present MP never yet enpowered one people from that area , NO NOT ONE. We have many unemployed persons in our area and MP hire someone who doesnot even live in the area and you;ll excpet us to VOTE for Him, HELL TO THE NO. We would hope those persons who don’t live in the area can VOTE for this LOUSY BIG HAIRY DONKEY.LOUSY, LOUSY, LOUSY, LOUSY.Just look at the office he has for the people of the area, it looks like something to put in the trash can. But that how he thinks about us, We are going to fix your business for you BIG HAIRY DONKEY.
    I have seen the goodness of Urbunal center in my area and they are doing the best they can with limited resources that they have. So you PLPs, when you had power years ago if you suppose to make sure thsoe centers were filled with your People. BUT LATE AGAIN.

    • Come on now Robert you know this is irresponsible and warrants the actions of a court order. This is unacceptable! You cannot accuse people this way. What do you have to prove someone stole money? NO NO BP is not going to accept this.


  5. REALLY? COME ON! REALLY? This building in Pinewood was the F.N.M. headquarters in 2007,now it the constituency office. I do not understand how or why the powers that be would ever use the same building to house Urban Renewal. If it is in fact true that they have hired campaign generals to work in these offices, please correct me if I am wrong,Mr. Woodside needs to explain why this seemingly case of Conflict of Interest is happening. Mr. Woodside how do you expect persons who did not support your party in the last election to Feel comfortable entering those doors asking for help? Could you not have found another location? Remember, We the tax payers are picking up the tab.

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