FNM: Successful Junior Junkanoo Parade


071120600Nassau, Bahamas — The Free National Movement expresses unreserved congratulations to the Hon. Charles Maynard, MP, Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture upon the successful hosting of the 2009 Junior Junkanoo parade.

Congratulations and deep appreciation is also extended to the hundreds of young students who enthusiastically participated, despite inclement weather, and who thrilled the audience with the quality of their performances.

The former Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Neville Wisdom, whose mean-spirited attempt to pre-emptively cast a pall of failure upon the parade, owes those hundreds of children, their parents, teachers and the Bahamian people a full apology.

Neville Wisdom’s predictions of “doom and gloom” were shattered by the boundless energy and performances of the children who participated.

Mr. Wisdom should also be aware of the fact that, under the FNM Government, all schools are free to choose for themselves whether or not to participate in the parade. He should also know that schools have just this week concluded their semester exams.

If the schools and parents decide that the academic progress of the children should come first and that the children should not participate at this time, then that is their right as the final arbiters of the children’s activities and should be fully understood by the rest of us.


  1. For a former teacher, Neville Wisdom is a very negative and selfish person; he should have never been involved with anything to do with small children, I am glad he is not dealing with the junior junkanoo parade anymore. The man lack vision and most of the time when you look at him he looks like he sleeping anyway. He only went into politics to see what he could get out of it for himself and that wife of his. He always wanted to be an MP and when he finally got the opportunity, he made a big mess of things.

  2. What is the definition of success? Also who is defining success in this instance? I would just hope whatever occurred with a number of the senior school not participating this past parade is corrected in the future.

  3. It can easily be classified as a successful Junior Junkanoo Parade this year even though we had experienced some inclement whether at the beginning.  First we should commend the teachers and students of the various Pre, Primary, Junior and High Schools, especially North Andros High and Harbour Island All Age (The only 2 high schools that participated) for their untiring efforts in promoting our culture heritage through Junkanoo and thereby securing the future of this event.
    Secondly a great debt of gratitude is extended to the Minister of Youth, Sports, and Culture, The Hon. Charles T Maynard, Mr. Eddison Dames, Mr. Percival Francis, Mr. Phil Cooper and the members of The National Junkanoo Committee, and other Public Officers who assisted in producing a “STELLAR PRODUCTION”

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