FNM Supporter disgusted by Jeff Lloyd’s voice recording calling Bahamians thief!


Dear Editor,

I am a proud fnm but i would say to you after listening to Mr. Lloyd voice recording what he said was so much crap.

Mr Lloyd gave an example of a woman giving birth in a nine month process then he said it has been 10 months since they have taken office sir if that is what your going to give as an example then the Free National Movement has past there dead line.

Listen to me sir the FNM works for the people all this talk about Mr. Cooper is sad do you not know that the Free National Movement works for the people.

I am so sadden for the people of Grand Bahama and all who has affected because of a Hurricane but yet you talk about needing time how can you even talk about time sir.

A few months ago persons was laid off there jobs with mortgages who has kids in private schools yes i know you will say most of them was on contract ok we all know this. But sir did you not remember that when Dominic or what ever had a bad storm the FREE NATIONAL MOVEMENT jump to help with out even blinking.

The Bahamian people is hurting but you’ll are so busy worrying about the obvious while getting a big raise for yourselves.

Its is a sad day in this country to know that what is propriety for this government is not the people. So tell me should the people eat nothing until you decide who is worthy of assistance? Sir am not convinced.

So ill end stop coming on social media when you have reached a speed bump. You do not work just got politician you work for the people sir.

Take the time and out of respect allow the Bahamian people to at least know there is still hope and that your working for them because every time I turn around MP’s are so busy trying to prove their worth and not the people who put them there. This is indeed a sad day. I look at you’ll you guys seem so happy but as I walk throughout New Providence it looks as if there is a dark cloud resting over our country.


A proud FNM