Women's Branch Members On Grand Bahama Resign from Party Office…It ain't long Nah!


Freeport, Grand Bahama BP’s investigative team landed on the island of Grand Bahama Sunday, and boy what a story we have for you this afternoon.

A bombshell emanating from the headquarters of the Free National Movement on the island, confirms the entire committee comprising the Women’s Branch of the Party has all resigned last week. The shocking revelation has left party officers scrambling and the leadership mute. Where are the WUTELESS MEDIA on this story?

BP’s editorial leadership is on a three-day mission to Grand Bahama camping down field marshals in constituencies as we get ready for the big showdown. Here’s what we have been told by persons close to the situation.

The Party’s leading officers in the Women’s Association headed by Ethelyn Stuart, Stephannie Ferguson and Catherine Murphy have all tendered their resignations to the Party’s National Chairman, Carl Bethel. We are told the resignations came following the quiet selection of former Senator, Kay Forbes-Smith, as the standard bearer for a seat on that island in the upcoming general elections.

BP has also been reliably informed that Forbes-Smith without notice to the public, has been recalled as the Consular General in Atlanta. BP understands the government has yet to make an announcement of her abrupt recall. We wonder why?

You would remember back in August 2009, a big party was held in Atlanta to welcome the newly appointed Bahamian Consular to the area. The welcome party in Atlanta was entertained by the Royal Bahamas Police Force Pop Band, the Royal Bahamas Police Force Marching Band, and the Grand Bahama Youth Choir.

Special guests on the trip included Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon Hubert Ingraham, Minister of Health Dr the Hon Hubert Minnis, Minister of Labor Senator Dion Foulkes, Ambassador CA Smith, Consuls-General Carl Smith and Gladys Johnson-Sands along with numerous Bahamians, who work and study in Atlanta. WHAT A WASTE OF TAXPAYERS MONEY! WE NEED CHANGE BAHAMAS. REGISTER TO VOTE!

We were told Forbes-Smith was to establish new ties between the Atlanta area and the Bahamas, but eleven months later, Smith has crawled back into the dying Grand Bahama community to run for a seat in GB.

We are told with the FNM 2010 Convention deposit already paid at the Wyndham, Ingraham plans to announce his full slate of candidates at the Nov. 4th conclave.

An officer of the FNM women’s branch told BP, “I cannot believe for the life of me Hubert would select this gray hair woman to come from her appointment in Atlanta to become an MP, when so many others deserve a chance to represent the party. We will not allow this bastardizing action against our women in the Party to continue, and therefore, I support the resignation of the leadership.”

Early this year women on the Party’s national steering committee attempted to meet with Hubert Ingraham as they lobbied for the appointment of Janet Bostwick to the post of Governor General. The PM refused to meet with the women, which led to a war of letters between the Party Leadership and the Women’s Association in the press.

Women on Grand Bahama said to us, they are tired of the ‘naked abuse’ by the Ingraham government against them, and therefore, they will show him better than they can tell.


  1. What do you mean when you say, going with ms. collie? as in sexually? I won’t be surprised.

  2. I wish to know which one of the Cabinet Minuisters aint running next Gen Elects.Carl loves giving press statements but he is mum.PAPA should also announce a candidate for Sea Breeze to get him responding lolo lolo.From what am told an attempt was made prior to the last GEN Elects to have Kate as the standard bearer but that failed.Kate has grey hair?mmppphhh

  3. Glad Kay Forbes is out of ATL. Nastiest woman you ever want to meet. Can you say rude and arrogant, female Hubert Ingraham. I am happy to see her go as well as the other Worthless FNMs.

  4. We told you the foundation was crumbling. The whole house will soon collapse. They refuse to get it that the Bahamian people have had it with them.

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