FNM Women's President Clears issue with public


Statement by Caron Shepherd, National President of the Free National Movement Women’s Association:

MADAM PRESIDENT: The Free National Movement’s Women’s Association wishes to note, that a letter sent to the Prime Minister, by a few of our members, in connection with the appointment of the Governor General, was done so solely on behalf of the signatories to that letter.

The FNM Women’s Association respects the sole right and privilege of the Prime Minister to appoint the Governor General. We congratulate Sir Arthur Foulkes, a Founding Father of our great party, on his appointment as the country’s eighth Governor General.

During his many years of distinguished public service, Sir Arthur helped to pave the way for the greater equality of all Bahamians, including that of women.

We also wish to acknowledge the tremendous record of Prime Minister Ingraham on behalf of all Bahamian women, including when his efforts were at times unpopular. This includes his appointment of women to many significant posts, as well as landmark legislation on a variety of issues related to the ending of discrimination against women.

The FNM Women’s Association is proud of our own record and that of the broader FNM with regards to the empowerment of our Bahamian sisters. We will continue to advance the cause of women and families.

In this regard, we will also continue to promote excellent female candidates for national office. We will do so as a united group, committed to the great ideals of our party and the values of our Founders.

We wish His Excellency, Sir Arthur, every success. We also offer him our support, and pray for God’s blessings on him and Lady Foulkes.


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