FNM Yamacraw Constituency EVICTED? Thrown out of its office it leased for more than 20 years!


PLP MP for the area is set to rent constituency office…

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Nassau, Bahamas – Breaking news coming into Bahamas Press tonight confirms that the Free National Movement has lost its branch office in the east following the collapse of a once stable Association.

Sources have now confirmed that the members of the Yamacraw Constituency Association of the FNM, which occupied its offices located on Chaser Road in Eastern Estates, were evicted from its leased building.

The branch had been functioning at that location since Janet Bostwick served in the Parliament of The Bahamas.

The office space was used up to the last General Election when, Dion Foulkes, served as the candidate for the Yamacraw area. We understand failure to make payments to its lease agreement and the uncertainty of the party’s 2017 candidate, who was to be named for the area, have resulted in the lost of the branch office space.

Bahamas Press has learned that the building is under renovations, to be leased by the current PLP MP for the area Hon. Melanie Griffith. She became the MP for the area in 2002 when she retired the first woman to be elected to Parliament, Janet Bostwick, in the interest of the public.

At one time the FNM Yamacraw office was the most stable and consistent branch in all the party. What has happened now leaves serious questions for residents. What has happened to the FNM?!

We report yinner decide!